His face grows sombre. Switch to Dani calmly hanging clothes in the yard. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Join 61 other followers Sign me up! What can I say, this drama needs to pick up its speed. All th e main characters, if they can just get together they’ll be one big happy family. At least, Swe Dol and Shi Wan received a minute of reunion, however hasty the recognition took place. He is a little too late; Lee Won Ho has already fallen in a puddle of blood.

He offers to go instead, but just then, Iljimae arrives. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He quietly receives a beating from Dani. He wants to help Wol-hee and Iljimae, but he must keep his personal motives hidden and extricate her legally. Still watching, still waiting. Iljimae looks at her silently for a long moment — out of realization? The old man is puzzled.

Iljimae looks at her silently for a long moment — out of realization? The worst would be Dani, though her actions make more sense now. Swe Dol makes some gaffes during the ceremony, while everyone is clapping in sincere joy. Still fighting, Shi Hoo begs and threatens Yong to surrender. Shi Hoo is actually killing the rabbits. Gu stepped in and defended her as a victim of injustice, and in so doing saved her life. And she put lipstick on! All the actors have done well in this drama, especaily Jung II Woo, who plays the title roll.

A new rule has advised. You are commenting using your WordPress. Not only that, but the killer went on to pass the civil service exam and became a respected bureaucrat. Thank you for posting it. What a great drama! It’d better if i can watch it on tv.


Email Address never made public. Surely enough, Yong wins when the giant cannot hold in the diarrhea anymore and poops in his pants. Magicians, learn from him! Then, gazing after Yong, he spots Eun Chae, and both brothers come and run for their little sis, knowing that being a second late would mean her being killed. I really hate it when the writers do that.

You never fail to make it so entertaining. Looking around his ilmimae, there are no signs of activity, and when he sees the dinner table set for him inside, it hits him — Baek-mae has left.

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Because he swarms towards women like a repugnant fly attacking left-over food whenever he gets a drink. Inside, Shi Wan and Shi Hoo are both going, liek what? Once free from the ropes, Yong swims towards the opening but sees the figure of the intimidating warrior still looming over the hole. Notify me of new comments via email. He leaves before he can see the troops take Swe Dol away. How many episodes are there in this series? Furthermore, the subject is injured, bleeding, and at a stone building in the mountains.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The next morning, Zheng is hanging from a gate somewhere, being bombarded by horse manure. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The warrior draws a circle on the ice and lets Yong sink into the river.

Shi Hoo is standing just outside the door, trying to look past the crowd of well-wishers. Before he can meet Kyum, minister Kim is called away episoxe a hunt, supposedly in honour of the Chinese ambassador, but seveness reality just trying to kill minister Kim.


Officers shout out the alarm as the masked, black-clad bandit makes another appearance, and they square off for a confrontation. Iljimae epiode his motives, because Lord Kwon was going to sell out the country to China.

Dani walks away to help Eun Chae, who wants to wear something slightly less encumbering than her silk hanbok. Episode 14 takes the trouble to make it clear to the audience that dry horse feces makes good material for fire and sometimes bombs. It’s just a suggestion.

Iljimae Episode 1&2 General Recap

She chases after the horse and stops at his door to protest. During the speech, Yong flashes back to his iluimae days with his dad and remembers the exact same speech. Soon after, Eun Chae joins the people despite her noble status. The ministers urge the king to calm the people down or risk a revolution in his hands. That first cap looks nice!

Byun Shik realizes Swe Dol is the current husband of Dani.

Iljimae Episode 3&4 General Recap

Only, somehow this guy looks a little different…. Hit Counter 1, visits. How they confirmed, is a mystery, since Kyum is obviously alive.

The hunt is epidode, and the king is still pretty good at archery.

Iljimae Episode 14, recap | Sevenses

The he rides away. I thought Wol-hee had died.

Both he and Shi Hoo are basically learning the same set of skills, but with different intents.