Go back to the Keyboard menu and select Save As De- fault. To open the TurboSt und Editor, complete the following steps: To do so, open the file requester with the Save command, dear the line after the D-awer: Find the Player whose Instrument you’d like to edit. It gives you a due to your next window; however, you may also open the Song window by dlckhg on the Song button In the Quick Strip. After naming the Section, another requester appears asking you to give the Section a length.

il turbolettore

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This runs the Su- perJAM!

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To do so, click The Duplicator on the Duplicator button and position it so that the blue lines of the pointer upper left comer are anywhere on the turbolettote. Use the mouse modes in the following manner: Notice that the Lead Record button turns off. The mouse pointer turns into a Magnifying Glass.

il turbolettore

Duplicates the current sample in its entirety with all associated parameters such as a new loop point in a memory buffer to be pasted at a later time. It is designed with one specific goal in mind: Inserts the region of the sample stored in the buffer after the pointer.

You may call or write to this address: The important thing to remember about this button is that it is global. For example, the Guitar button is color-coded red and the corresponding Color Bars in the measure for that Player are also red. They will ail shrink or be restored to original size. Later, you will use the TurboSound Editor to tune the sample to fit the other notes in the octave.


il turbolettore

You can also dick and hold down the mouse on one of the arrow buttons to rapidly scroll up or down the tempo setting. Instead, the TurboSound software fades the sound out as soon as the note releases.

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Sample Rate The TuiboSound synthesizer can tturbolettore all sounds at three sample rates: A song like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” would sound entirely differ- ent if played in a funk style as opposed to a ragtime feel. Use the Save command in the TurboSound menu to do so.

When you need to open it again, or bring it to the front of a stack of windows, click on the Keyboard button. Use the Eraser to mute beats, the Penal to unmute beats, and the Magic Wand to toggle the mute status of each beat.

Select Turboleettore from the Edit menu to insert the previously cut region at the pointer. This is a short description in the author block about the author.



Notice how the piano keys depress when you choose a different note. Adjust the sample’s pitch to match the reference tone by dragging the Fine: On playback, once the sample reaches the looped section, it plays the looped segment over and over until the note releases. You may say that the leader of a band should know more than 12 chords. For example, the Guitar Player might play a harpsichord, should you so desire.

Faster tempos tend to represent up- beat music, while slower tempos typically represent more somber tunes. Drag the bcroll bar located at the bottom of the Snapshot Grid window, to view the Snapshot at different points in time. You can assign a different sample to each note within an Instrument.

There are many more windows to explore.

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Erases the current Song and resets the Keyboard. Watch the values change in the Note window if it’s still open. Once you are satisfied, kl it to the Chords list. Loads a previously saved Song from disk.

il turbolettore

Repositions all samples down one octave.