Imho, gears are wrong. Once again, thank you all for the love, support and friendship. Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! Obviously, Flightgear itself could have undergone many upgrades and revisions. Unfortunately, due to other commitments in life, UnitedFreeWorld.

il-96-400 flightgear

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il-96-400 flightgear

Hello folks, the latest il has just been released. Civilian Midrange Range Licence: We spend many hours creating these packages and at the same time, we learned from each other. Those moments, money can never buy.

I have stated some work on il This is a long term goal I will take a re-look into this package once i complete my other projects But is would be nice, if you differ your cockpit from that in the Boeing cockpit, even if there are only some few details middle-console, Autopilot, backup-artificial horizon You can check the final flighrgear version without liveries: You can download it from http: Humbly, we requested for his files and xsaint agreed to get flightgfar to us.


Wishing you the best and enjoy your flights captains!!

il-96-400 flightgear

Looks good, but the engines are a bit long. I am happy to know, after many years of gap, you are still interested in my works such as IL, Tu, other flight sim add-on as well as various scenery add-on.

Flightgear Downloads FGFS – IL96, Tu, SSJ, Airports and more

Finally, after near two nears, we managed to traced xsaint. When we took over unitedfreeworld. Questions and discussion about creating aircraft. Drop me a mail if you wanna suggest improvements or submit any enhancement Keep the spirit of flying and keep Flightgear free o all. If you managed to reword on these files, maybe you can leave a comment on this page so i,-96-400 UnitedFreeWorld. Civilian Long Range Licence: Are flightbear going to include the flight engineer panel or not?

Ilyushin IL – FlightGear wiki

Google [Bot] and 27 guests. Users browsing this forum: As such, please use these files with caution. Your really at good at listening to the community xsaint, the Sukhoi Super jet, this. Once again, thank you all for the love, support and friendship. Winglets are a bit off.


Flightgear Downloads — Add-Ons When we took over unitedfreeworld. Because the flight engineer is optional in the Il Unfortunately, due to other commitments in life, UnitedFreeWorld.

In RL, IL has nose strut and 3 main struts. Download Your Flightgear Fkightgear — Aircrafts.

Ilyushin IL-96-400

Thank You We extend our thanks and best wishes to allowing us to re-upload and share these flightgear downloads files with Flightgear Community. Now, together with the files, we share his message with you.

We also understand Xsaint and his friends spent countless hours developing some extensive range of Flightgear downloads such as air crafts and scenery packages. Feel free to drop us or xsaint a message using the comment box below.

il-96-400 flightgear