A story of passionate romance from Banda, UP. Cardema, dapat magbitiw -KontraDaya Altermidya. I actually met Leila when she came to Manila last year for an anti-imperialist conference and protest, so I was doubly curious to watch a film about her. Still, the show must go on. Net September 17, Films which help us understand our lives and times. My name is Christian and I…. Logistic coordination – Deepika Sharma.

She told me of how difficult it is for women in India to go into filmmaking, an industry mostly dominated by men. Logistic coordination – Deepika Sharma. Net February 21, Ilang-Ilang Quijano March 17, Net September 19, Is it a dream or real life or her subconscious? Human Rights Day It reminded me of the fire at the Kentex slipper factory last year, which claimed more than 80 lives back home.

They are more likely than not put forth not just to gain recognition or film awards, but to really try to make a difference in current ways of thinking that oppress or hinder them, or their people, from realizing their full potential—whether as a woman, as a person, fesgival as a nation. Andtheir repertoire far exceeded mine.

It was understandable—the past few weeks in Delhi had seen the biggest student protests in 25 years, following the arrest of a university student who had allegedly said something seditious in a public speech. Net July 31, Before, our sorrows and joys are all common. It is a journey from the known to the incomprehensible to the understandable.

The first time this happened I was leftbemused. The sheer whiteness of cloth blinds your eye. Aside from my own film which was about the Macliing women, fillm peoples rights defenders in Cordillerathere was also Above Us, The Sky by Lin Li. This short piece attempts a narration through words that already have meaning, and through utterances and glitch and noise.

The festival opened with Tazreena film fil Yasmine Kabir that documented the aftermath of a fire inside a garments factory in Bangladesh. Films which help us understand our lives and times. She asked me, is it difficult for me, a woman, in the Philippines to become a filmmaker? Ilang-Ilang Quijano December 11, How did meaning become?

The documentary follows indigenous peoples trying to live in a relocation area away from their ancestral iawft because the government fipm built a dam. Embassy of Israel New Delhi. Palestinian student filmmakers presented short documentaries on how life carries on for ordinary citizens.


Because I think that much of documentary filmmaking is about 204, listening and building relationships with the people you film, and asking them—and society—the hard questions, I think that women in general have the tendency to do it quite well.

20014 I guess sitting through such a difficult film is necessary for greater understanding of one of the biggest unresolved conflicts of our time, particularly the grief and anger that drives Palestinians to continue to fight for their freedom.

Paano nilabag ang iyong karapatan? The interaction between protagonist and filmmaker is what makes the film most interesting; it showed subtly how, after all these years, Leila never let go of her principles, and what effect this had on the filmmaker. It reminded me of the fire at the Kentex slipper factory last year, which claimed more than 80 lives back home.

Stories put forth by women documentary filmmakers have perspectives that are so instantly recognizable and common across Asian countries with shared histories and experiences of colonialism and occupation.

Honorary Members Honorary membership may be conferred by the Board on persons distinguished in public life or by service to the state or nation or who has contributed significantly to the progress of, and advancement of, the objects of the ICG.

The festival also festifal travels to cities across India regularly. I actually met Leila when she came to Manila last year for an anti-imperialist conference and protest, so I was doubly curious to watch a film about her.

Soundphiles is an experiment in the practice of listening. The festival has grown in strength and popularity over the years with increasing participation of filmmakers. It uses actual footage of the aftermath of bombings that are often difficult to watch, as children are killed or maimed before your eyes. A story of passionate romance from Banda, UP.

As you lift your hands up for security check, swipe your smart card across the turnstile, walk down the stairs, or up the escalators and stand by for the train to come; as festivzl mind the gap, stand away from the doors, sit in a designated space, and refrain from eating, taking photographs or talking to strangers, remember to listen closely.

Bloody January in Southern Mindanao. How far could it wander? Human Rights Day Besides the film screenings the festival includes the following programmes: Ilang-Ilang Quijano March 17, The story was told from the point-of-view of a Palestinian who grew up in Sweden and idolized Leila as a child but is now seeking to answer the question: In Film Screenings and WorkshopsProgrammes Not to see women as victims or the suppressed, but as intelligent, sensitive and imaginative artists who are exploring the world through the medium of cinema.


Net June 25, Ilang-Ilang Quijano is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. fesgival

10th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival 2014

Swimming Pool4: Marahas na dispersal sa NutriAsia Altermidya. It was a period of political and social iawtr, and many people—herself included—would not have chosen this as the best time to sit down in a theater to watch films. My name is Christian and I…. Patron members do not need to pay any subscription thereafter.

It is also iasrt intimate portrayal of a swimming instructor whose experience of ageing and conformity eventually overshadows her passion for swimming as she falls prey to her own unrealized desires. We Cannot Go There Now, My Dear by Carol Mansour, meanwhile, is an interesting look into the plight of Palestinians who were displaced again from Syria where they had been protected as refugees.

They lost their homes and families in a very short time. A glimpse into her story is also a glimpse into the middle-class neighbourhood of Gulshan in Karachi — a melting pot of different ethnicities and dialects. Do childhood memories, family and growing up have impact in her life? How was language formed?

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A memorable shot is that of heaps of household items and personal mementos being sold on the streets of Damascus, with no takers. Anyone who has ever wondered about what Syria in ruins looks and feels like to its people, who are perpetually torn between leaving and staying but eventually having no choice but to leave must watch Haunted by Liwaa Yazjie.

Media Coordination – Aparna Sanyal.