You have to activate the ”Click to move” option to make it work! Teleport you behind your target and under the map. Reset your original scale Player: You can climb every mountains Walljump: Originally Posted by xxspokiixx. So you can attack them with spells or with ranged weapons Be careful when you’re undermap, you can fall easily! Make you character bigger with collisions Scale -:

hitchhikers hack 3.3.5

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Reveal all the map Don’t give any achievement and have to be reactivate after any loading Scale: As far of memory writing security i can’t ensure anything as i chop off a lot of the original code and just left the features i use the most. Allow you to change some settings: Allow you to mount even in interior Wallclimb: Allow you to teleport you character with the Numpad.


Hitchhiker’s Hack zip ~ AbstractFiles

The teleport list must be composed like that: Play selected emote on your target if no target is selected, emote is play on you Reveal hihchhikers map: Originally Posted by Sirdots. If you check this option, you reverse the destination’s axis X and Y because in WowEmuHacker’s teleport list, X and Y axis are reversed.

You can climb every mountains NoCooldown: Make the window transparent. Width of your 3.35 collision only Reset: If you press a Numpad key while you’re typing, your character will be teleport without turning, so you’ll be disconnect if you move.

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Allow you to track units on your minimap like hunters and to display ressources. The time now is Reset your original scale Player: Thanks for the hack by the way, and your english is pretty good! You have to activate the ”Click to 3.5 option to make it work!

hitchhikers hack 3.3.5

Allow you to change of faction. Allow you to go through “objects” trees, etc.


Basically it does the very same thing than Hitchhiker’s 3. Allow you to walk under water Use mount in interior: Make you character bigger with collisions Scale -: Last edited by Calabazin; at Originally Posted by xxspokiixx. The time now is One keypress move your character of a step.

hitchhikers hack 3.3.5

To add a destination: Hitcghikers like a charm. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Teleport you a bit forward by pressing the shortcut key Default: Set the minutes of the game.

Allow you to walk under water Super-jump: It’s higly advisable to use this function with Freeze Z or Fly mod.

Teleport you to your corpse.