Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? They wander into the lives of Elsbeth’s sullen boyfriend and the Little Kitten of Death. One apartment belongs to Elspeth Noblin who dies on the first page of the book and bequeaths the apartment to her twin nieces in America, with the stipulation that they must live there for a year before selling and that their mother, Elspeth’s own twin, can never set foot in the apartment. This is an engaging, fun read, offering believable characters, an intriguing premise, and some nifty twists. It made the bestseller charts when it was published in the United States in It marks a particular moment in the musician’s life and his belief that songs never die. Glad I didn’t give into the impulse to buy a copy for myself, and instead borrowed it from the library – I’d be even more upset

her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger

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her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger

One of the best bits of trivia offered about the cemetery is that if you ever want to steal a flower for a bare tomb, try Radclyffe Hall’s, which is permanently covered in fresh bouquets from her grateful lesbian fans. See all 4 questions about Her Fearful Symmetry…. You won’t like it.

The twins are separated by distance from their doting parents. On top of that, it was soon due back at the library, and I had 4 other library books calling my name desperately. At best, most of the characters were totally dysfunctional with the possible exception oddly enough of the man with OCD who lived in the flat upstairs, up above the American twins who come to London when their aunt Espeth dies and leaves them an apartment up above Robert who works as a volunteer at the adjoining Highgate Cemetery.


Whether writing about the London Underground or the raising of the dead, Niffenegger is atmospheric without being conventionally spooky.

Quotes from Her Fearful Symmetry.

Her Fearful Symmetry – Wikipedia

I like Her Fearful Symmetry very much and did not find it in any way a disappointment, but Time Traveler’s Wife is superb. Want to Read saving…. Robert finally begins to hfr over Elspeth, thanks to his growing attraction to Valentina, though Valentina of course looks like Elspeth.

her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger

Martin, a man whose wife, Marijke, has left him because of his obsessive compulsive disorderlives in the apartment above. But what kind of story would that be? I like what resulted from the decision – the ending is completely satisfactory in a morbid, tragic way – but I keep getting stuck on the absurdity. It’s sgmmetry, and sad, and wonderful, and pathetic, and confusing, and thrilling.

She leaves her flat to her twin sister’s two American daughters, whom she’s never met, on the entirely credible condition that they come to live in it for a year. I love Audrey Niffenegger’s writing style. I wouldn’t go into that since it’s a spoiler, but it’s definitely a very strong issue and I think, unethical even in a haunted world.

As she’s also left them millions — Elspeth is a rare-book dealer, obviously a far more lucrative profession than I realised — and one of the twins, Julia, doesn’t much feel like going to university or getting a job or doing anything except boss her twin Valentina around, this is convenient. We are introduced to several sets of twins who, as it turns out, are so focused on being twins that they in one case do fearful and silly things and in another case are relatively boring.


I almost got the sense feearful twist was included as an afterthought, like it didn’t really fit in there.

Her Fearful Symmetry

Martin creates crossword puzzles and performs anthropological research but while he is blessed with intelligence and charm, he is afflicted with a severe case of OCD. Maybe I just did’t get it, so sorry I wasted all that valuable reading time on that one. Her Fearful Symmetry First hy cover. Her Fearful Symmetry, by Audrey Niffenegger. To view your reading history, you must be logged in. But I like to believe she took an extreme case for telling her story.

Review: Her Fearful Symmetry, by Audrey Niffenegger

I was put off by the sister relationships going on in the book. They wander into the lives of Elsbeth’s sullen boyfriend and the Little Kitten of Death.

The secondary characters of Martin and his wife were intriguing.

This book is excellent on so many different layers and levels, my head is still considering them all. Only one aspect of the whole novel achieved this, and it was dropped into the plot near the end, executed swiftly, and then rushed so much you could literally miss it.

I just love that Niffenegger was willing to go to the extremes I was hoping she’d go with this novel.

her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger

Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. For context, I adored Time Traveler’s Wife to pieces, and I normally keep niffeegger distance from anything that even hints of romance.