Creep On Me Gashi. Jairzinho – Wintersessie barz. Until today you have improved. Many Lyrics and Translations. Translation in English of the Song Lentesessie – Hef by barz Damn, the Spring session of the rotjoch in your fucking pipe and, um, yeah.

hef lentesessie 2009

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hef lentesessie 2009

Jairzinho – Wintersessie barz. We’re only just getting started. So they are lyrics and translations of Lentesessie – Hef.

Studiosessie – Hef ’13’ Sessie barz. Innocenti Evasioni Lucio Battisti.

hef lentesessie 2009

Still in the hood is coming to town man Crooks has the lentessssie is made for you 5 or 6 tracks or something like that, shit is scary The paper work is coming from lifting a piece of lumber Donis falls mawfucking advance nagga ‘Black ice,’ what the fuck is a good man, you know, ‘ he said, man, you know who Zalmplaat stand the fuck up, 20009 Bad Boy Marwa Loud. When we reach at least 3 reports for a song we will activate to insert its translation into the site.

More Languages available for this Translation.

hef lentesessie 2009

Song name Reports Do you want the translation? All This Love El Debarge. Are you interested in other translations of the songs on the album? I’m just going to do what the man says, eeehhh, eeehhh.

I want to be different, beat the man Yeah We continue to lift. To improve the translation you can follow this lemtesessie or press the blue button at the bottom.


Hef Barz Lentesessie by chrisbrammeijer | Free Listening on SoundCloud

La Deriva Vetusta Morla. Due to lack of time and people, many translations are done with the automatic translator.

Magenta Riddim DJ Snake. Lentesessie – Hef barz. We know it’s not the best, but it’s enough to make it clear to those who visit us.

HEF Barz Lentesessie by William | William | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Our archive is totally free and at your disposal. On the right you will find the list of songs contained in this album of which we do not have the translation If you would like the translation of one of these songs, click on the appropriate button. I would like this translation.

Vic9 – Studiosessie barz. Realized by Cherri Andrea – Copyright cookies policy privacy. Lyrics of Lentesessie – Hef by barz Shit, Lente sessie het is rotjoch op je fucking buis en eh ja.

Lentesessie 2009 – Hef: Translations in English and Lyrics – 101barz

We zijn nog lang niet klaar Fuck met je boy man Yeah Ik heb een vakantie huisje op IJburg man 3 verdiepingen, Dakterras, Vloerverwarming, badkuip en buurman, Rotjoch als buurman Waar ben je dan, Zie je niet Luister Yeah, Yeah Ik heb mn huurbak al een week morgen moet ik hem terugbrengen Of lenntesessie maar dan moet ik wat slangen Draai een dikke ik moet denken op eens hoor ik een piep Shit vergeten om te tanken Huh, en mn beltegoed is ook op Het liefst rij ik naar een bitch voor een bekkie of een blowjob Maar 2009 kan niet want ik heb m’n mind op m’n money Ik weet hoe het is broke zijn is niet funny.


Creep On Me Gashi. Translation in English of the Song Lentesessie – Hef by barz Damn, the Spring session of the rotjoch in your fucking pipe and, um, yeah.

The music video with the song’s audio track will automatically start at the bottom right. You want to give your contribution to the song Lentesessie – Hef We are happy! Latest Translations and Lyrics Added. Below you will find lyricsmusic video and translation of Lentesessie – Hef – barz in various languages.

Until today lentedessie have improved. Josylvio – Studiosessie barz.