Product Registration After-sales service Questions. It sounds good, and it is a good device. Project Development Secondary Development Service. Lead length 30 meter. This breakout lead is easy to take voltage readings from numerous sensors in vehicle engine compartment. Support is another negative for this device.

hantek dso 2250

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On the main screen you can see the orange marker at the top indicating the trigger point.

This breakout lead is easy to take voltage readings from numerous sensors in vehicle engine compartment. I have not tested all the specs but it seems to meet the important ones like bandwidth, sample speed, etc.

What Does It Do? It also questions whether a USB oscilloscope is really the way to go. The good features of the oscilloscope are that it does what it says that it does and it is very good value for money.

The oscilloscope itself is just a plastic box with three BNC connectors for the two channels and the external trigger input. The multimeter probes offer a quick and easy solution, where a permanent connection hantem not required.

Overview Parameters Comparison Accessories Download. When I first got this oscilloscope I kept checking their English website for updated software but nothing new was ever posted. Essentially the hamtek does everything stated in the brochure and user manual.


Hantek DSO-2250

Multimeter Banana Socket HT You need to start the software, wait for it to load, make space on your screen, etc. The orange marker represents the trigger point.

hantek dso 2250

Support Support is another negative for this device. This screen shot is from the software running in demo mode not connected to the oscilloscope.

hantek dso 2250

Waveform average, persistence, intensity, invert, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, X-Y plot. Auto ignition probe is a kind of inductive capacitance sensor, it must match with an oscilloscope. The blue lines on the screen are cursors which can be dragged into position—at the very bottom their values are displayed, in this case the frequency is about The current version on the manufacturers website ver 6 is extremely clunky and difficult to use.

Save waveform in the following: You can get a good idea of the capabilities of the software by downloading it yourself and running it in demo mode. Auto Power Adapter HT Two channels plus an external trigger input. It is a transducer which allows your multimeter to measure current data and enable your oscilloscope to measure the current waveforms.

Support is another negative for this device. You can see this noise on the green trace in the screenshot to the right.


Integral injection molding makes the usage more flexible and the oscilloscope able to adapt more testing situations. On hanek right in purple you can see that the trigger was set for a falling edge on the external trigger input and the trigger level was —mV.

Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

hxntek I found it easier to click on the dropdown boxes and select the value that I needed. As a result you tend to leave it running with a mere 10K memory depth, which is dumb when you purchased an oscilloscope with much more than that.

hantek dso 2250

Project Development Secondary Development Service. The lead is easy to access the existing automotive wiring harness interface, convenient to read all kinds of 22250 signal.

Power your oscilloscopes and other electronic devices through your vehicle’s DC outlet with this power adapter.

Acupuncture Probe Set HT On the other end is the USB socket.