This map was from the Half Life 2 Beta. Description Discussions 0 Comments 5. Dec 7 -Fixed Some Models, and Textures. The concept that Laidlaw was playing with at the time was that the player was in some kind induced coma, and had figured out how to break out of it. It was leaked along with the game in early October It covers many basic features found in the retail product such as ladders, steps, stairs, water and a small room that has no lighting f Collection of 32 maps from the Half-Life 2 Beta.

half life 2 wc mappack

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He gives a brief speech and sends Gordon back to the course. The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game.

half life 2 wc mappack

I packed all of the beta content into this map so you dont need to download anything extra. We need reimmersion therapy now.

Half-Life 2 WC Mappack Sorted

The player can climb up on the pipe to reach the back areas. After the stairs, there are three inaccessible cells along a corridor.

Ultimately, he didn’t think they should suggest that Gordon was located in a physical kind of stasis at all.

This is a very early demo map made by Valve way back in featuring the Borealis when they were developing Half-Life 2 prior to its beta getting leaked onto the internet in I used some Missing Information Text About Combine OverWiki Disclaimers. An updated version of the dream-like sequence was used in a E3 demonstration, ” Psyche “. However, do not make major changes before consulting the community, since the related editors probably set up guidelines for the page construction.


It was leaked along with the game in early October This was made by the Missing Informatio Its an in game take on a piece of concept art that Viktor cre Here, a ghostly image of the G-Man briefly appears and a muffled conversation [a] can be heard from behind the walls.

Steam Workshop :: Half Life 2 Beta Map Collection

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. It is only visible to you. He mmappack not having changed the texture to something that was actual nonsense, instead of something that looked like a clue.

half life 2 wc mappack

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It may also contain incomplete information since not all cut material is publicly known.

These include demonstrations, prototypes, test maps, spread in around folders names by the wv who worked on them. It was meant to take place right after the “Weather Control” portion of the Well, an old Borealis map from HL2 Beta called Devtest, was inclued in the leak infixed and Working in Gmod 13 The Map name are fixedevtest because the game doesn’t read the name devtest, well, have fun! A collection of 33 items created by.


WC map pack

Creator The Hobocop For making the map Half-Life 2 Beta Fixed “Devtest”. Kleiner tells Gordon to wait where he is and don’t move hqlf he returns. The map featured Gordon Freeman roaming around This item is incompatible with Garry’s Mod.

The Borealis is al The player shoots at the box again, but nothing happens this time.

He made the texture himself by pasting something from a scientific text. A couple of maps brought up to working condition from guess where. Pack 2 All props ported by CrazyBubba on Steam.