A wife and mother of three is found dead in her bathtub in sleepy Boone, Iowa. Stranger than fiction – A mom suddenly vanished. A teen driver discusses what happened the night she was involved in a car crash that left a pregnant woman and her son dead; authorities try to determine if the incident was an accident or intentional. Marc Despain was a married father of two and a successful real estate appraiser. Herself – Correspondent Steven Avery Brittany Tavar was generous, opening her life to anyone she thought needed her help. Was money the motive?

Then, she was murdered in brutal fashion and there was a bizarre clue: The texts would tell the truth and a jury was forced to decide: But one day in July , their marriage comes to a horrifying end as Scott races his gravely injured wife to the hospital, calling Avery ” on Amazon. A loft apartment in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, is home to an eclectic group of residents. The case went unsolved. Was it murder or suicide? A father and his infant son were shot on the streets of Miami.

A wife and mother of three is found dead in her bathtub in sleepy Boone, Iowa.

Who could have killed a woman with no enemies? Where it would lead, no one could predict.

For one couple in Missouri, the hobby of collecting turned into a passion. A recent high school graduate is miraculously found alive after she and her friend are brutally attacked just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas. The three young Hawk children arrived home one evening to find their mother was missing.

It’s a place people go to escape. At first it looked like a home invasion gone wrong at the house Ralph Candelario shared with his second wife… a robbery that resulted in the murder of Pam.

Kate Snow speaks with two families about their unforgettable stories of surviving the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Kenya. Brittany Tavar was generous, opening her life to anyone she thought needed her help. Is it an accident, or something else? The case goes cold for years — until a model with a checkered past goes undercover to find the truth.


A woman continues searching for answers after the investigation into her daughter’s murder goes cold. Could this young man headed for greatness have killed his own dad? But the next day, her mom found her dead in her bed. But dateeline Mary Beth took a shot at what she said she thought was a bear, this perfect couple’s world was torn apart. The suspect argued he was simply too obese to carry out the killing.

Now, after all the twists and turns datdline four murder trials, the final verdict is in.

A couple’s romantic boat trip turns tragic when the young wife is lost at sea. Two years after the disappearance of his wife, Josh Powell kills his two sons and himself; Josh’s last in-depth TV interview; a dispatcher discusses the emergency call placed by a social worker.

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A chance encounter at an El Paso, Texas bank leads local contractor John Mimbela on a multi-year crusade for justice. In January ofa loving mother was found dead in her burning home near Paducah, Kentucky. Friends of accused murderer Robert Durst talk about his recent arrest in New Orleans and his whereabouts over the past 30 years. But in the modern-day town of Denton, Texas — the “little D” outside “the Big D” of Dallas – there served one Texas lawman with a curious past, all locked up in a box.

Was a serial killer stalking the women of this tight-knit church? The case went unsolved.

The friends she was with. In the lore of the Lone Star state, Texas lawmen rank pretty high: What was really going on behind closed-doors? Heidi Bernadzikowski seemed to be turning her life around. Helping a couple buy a million dollar home. Eposode, in the throes of a custody battle, her mother went on the run when she was just a baby, taking her clear across the world.


They delighted in the small fortune of rare collectables they kept in their house. Inthey took their ideal vacation: Later, her boss went missing and left behind an even bigger mess, including a missing fortune. Written by Richie Cunningham me 4richie. It was a crime that made national news because of its unusual defense. Who datelinw have know that evil could find a place in paradise too? Himself – Prosecutor Kathleen Zellner Investigators had plenty of theories to work with, but the suspect they brought into custody shocked everyone.

In the search for her killer, detectives uncovered a marriage riddled with secrets but cracking this complicated case took years. She just met a handsome, well-dressed man with a Bentley.

The police would later extract a confession from his teenage nephew to participating in the rape and murder of this poor woman.

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Family secrets and secret resentments would be uncovered before the killer was discovered. Keith Morrison tells an epic story of love and loss in a foreign land. Dateline examines the murder of Ben Novack Episdoe.

Was this a revenge murder or self-defense? In a desperate search for answers her family embarked upon a decades-long quest for the truth. On the wall next to her body is a message written in her own blood: