This would seem to require a new group policy for each access group. It also protects information on removable storage devices such as USB flash drives. The OS to protect the Windows system event log to ensure it s protected from unauthorized deletion and modification. The password-based mechanism and its supporting authentication failure and password complexity requirements are the evaluated options. Assignment and selection operations are identified by bold, italicized text within brackets: Specifically, the local authentication mechanism must demonstrate adequate protection against attackers possessing a moderate attack potential. Authenti-Check and One-Time Password disabled.

guardianedge removable storage encryption

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When regulations dictate the protection of data, we need to protect data both in transit and as it is stored on disk.

guardianedge removable storage encryption

The specific password policy configuration for the evaluated configuration is provided in SOF Claims on page Section 8, Rationale, provides evidence confirming that the ST contains a complete, cohesive set of requirements, and that a TOE in conformance with the requirements would provide effective IT security countermeasures within the security environment of the evaluated configuration.

Refinements are identified by bold text.

GuardianEdge Removable Storage Encryption – Roger’s Information Security Blog

Page 15 of GuardianEdge Platform support on the Client Computer. Unused sectors are included in the encryption. Guardiznedge can make changes to the files and save them in an encrypted format back to the external device. The information furnished herein is believed.


GuardianEdge Removable Storage Encryption Client

GEHD Registered user added. Trust Technology Assessment Program. The TOE includes all product components; however, in the evaluated configuration, some components do not provide any security functions and are therefore outside the scope of some assurance evaluation activities. Page 24 of The IT environment is required to operate correctly to support this security function. This component does not communicate with the TOE in the evaluated configuration. Cryptographic Services The TOE includes cryptographic libraries that provide cryptographic support for the following security functions: Access is provided to encrypted files via on-the-fly decryption at guarduanedge device driver level.

The product s pre-windows authentication function prevents Windows from loading until a registered GuardianEdge user successfully authenticates. No Master Certificate specified. Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust Technologies Inc.

Is there anyway to limit the amount of system resource guardian Edge grabs. It provides an authentication failure mechanism and password management options that defines parameters for acceptable passwords. To create a new folder or subfolder select an existing folder then click Make New Folder. When the defined number of unsuccessful authentication attempts has been met or surpassed, the TSF shall [delay the logon process for 60 seconds.


It specifies treats, More information. The IT environment shall provide the audit records in a manner suitable for the user to interpret the information. Cryptographic Modules, Security Level Enhanced.

guardianedge removable storage encryption

Firewall Protection Profile V2. As a result, the TOE has been developed with the assumption that a potential attacker would have guradianedge medium level of expertise, access to a medium level of resources, and also possess a medium level of motivation.

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Guardian Edge removable storage: decryption

Page 21 of Three types of rationale are presented: Teradata Database Version 2 Release 6. If the policy allows you to encrypt files using passwords, the password decryption prompt will be displayed. Page 19 of

guardianedge removable storage encryption