Letter of the Week I wanted to get to the Letter of the Week today to expand a bit more on what’s going on within Phyrexia. When the time was right, she would be unleashed. Glissa managed to thwart Memnarch’s plans at the end of the Mirrodin blockā€”but then she disappeared without a trace. Publications Mirrodin Cycle Scars of Mirrodin: You heard it here first. This search led her deep into the Mephidross where she and Slobad encountered a delapidated golem.

And we know for sure that we now have 5 major players in Phyrexia. In its original system, Phyrexia only had access to black mana, so it grew as a black-aligned, necromechanical force. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Strangely enough, you actually did not get any Mirrodin Besieged packs at the prerelease tournament for that set. The prerelease tournaments for Mirrodin Besieged were handled a bit differently than normal. Each Praetor has its own policy about how best to wage war against the Mirrans. Stepped out, did not step down.

I myself do stogyline that she can redeem herself before she dies, as it would be too tragic, in storjline mind, for someone who was first introduced to the readers as a hero to conclude her story as a villain. After a harrowing journey across the sea, tucked safely inside Bosh, Slobad and Glissa emerged in Lumengrid.

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. After checking out Magic Arcana and seeing the preview card for “Glissa the Traitor” I am taitor, alarmed, baffled and bamboozled. Each of the five Phyrexian factions is led by its Praetor.

The idea was that each player would have to choose a side, Mirran the native defenders or Phyrexian the infectious invadersand depending on which side you chose you received something called faction packs. Certainly Koth, Elspeth, and Venser have realized that facing Phyrexia is not a job for three lone mages, planeswalkers or no. However, he did do this alternate art promo card given away at prerelease tournaments.


Glissa’s presence in the core caused her to be corrupted along with everything else with which the oil came into contact. All it needed was a new plane to accommodate it, a new host organism to infect, and it would rise trator.

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These are the kinds of details that get lost on the card but tickle the fan to glimpse. Glissa the Traitor Art by Chris Rahn. Card Search Tools Gatherer Scryfall.

Any story about Thrun? I thought Doug said it was because of a particular soul’s connection to the plane. You’ll see Phyrexia branch into new colors at the Mirrodin Besieged Prerelease.

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If he can’t combat Phyrexia’s influence, he may accept the reins of leadership of Phyrexia and unify its purpose. Interestingly, a similar pattern holds for the Phyrexians, but in reverse. An unlikely alliance seemed in order, and with the leonin help, she struck out to learn who her mysterious enemy was. Proponent gllssa Free Speech. Letter of the Week I wanted to get to the Letter of the Week today to expand a bit more on what’s going on within Phyrexia.

However it is to be noted that this is the first date-stamped prerelease card Steve Argyle illustrated, but this one is a true promo while the later ones are not. Mirrodin Cycle Scars of Mirrodin: Wake up my lovelies, there’s work to be done! Much to Slobad’s surprise, her spark was accidentally transferred to his battered form, which was whole ttaitor the first time in years. It’s not just the slippery-slope “zombie math” of any enemy that recruits its victims, which can turn any terrible battlefield victory into a doubly terrible mass Corrupted Conscience.


None of the other elves in Scars block are black. She returned to the Tangle to find it a changed place, and was immediately arrested by her own people for the murder of her parents. And all three of them believed they could track the Phyrexian corruption to its source, do a little magical dueling zap bang k’powand with any luck, wipe this force off the plane once and for all.

Glissa Sunseeker

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Not to leave a chance for tiny detail untouched there are also little cracks and scratches in the spire where Glissa grips hold. It’s also, strangely enough, the element of surprise. stogyline

When she was released, she found the world totally different than as she remembered it. Last edited by Voila!

With Glissa gone, they were unable to hear her side of those misfortunes, and her good name became sullied. The interesting thing about this artwork is the approximation of the human skeletal and muscular structures with metallic parts. All of the trolls were destroyed by Memnarch’s soul bombs or something? We now know what happened to Glissa Sunseeker. When the time was right, she would be unleashed.