If it was on Tropicana or Cantagalo, Pedro Sertanejo was your man. Carlos Diniz’s short career seems to be confined to the s. Miltons with Herbie Hancock Lots of great records came out of Brazil in the s and s. Fontana released compilations with old and new material. He soon became one of the most respected Brazilian artists as well as one of the major album sellers in Brazil. Retrieved from ” https:

gerson filho discografia

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Milton Nascimento – Wikipedia

It appears to be a reissue on heavy vinyl, but the cover reproduction is unusual. Nascimento was an occasional DJ on a radio station that his father once ran.

gerson filho discografia

The Manoelito Sena LP featured below is a rather battered gerosn of the original. Since all of these songs were relatively short, I am uncertain why songs were swapped and removed. Collecting the genre is frustrating.

Several hit singles were also released. We are fortunate that they did. Sadly, this means that Galindo’s catalog is in serious danger of not being preserved.

Walter Damasceno recorded an LP and several compactos, so he is luckier than someone like Carlos Galindo, who was released exclusively on 78rpm. Before that, he used to be a regular at the Aprendizes da Boca do Mato samba school.


He also has many songs that were dizcografia by singers from different musical genres. Alas, collectors, keep an eye out for reissues of all of Jackson’s Columbia era material, although this album is far less common. However, Damasceno’s catalog contains 78rpm releases that are much more difficult to locate than his vinyl and were never compiled.

Milton Nascimento

Native Dancer with Wayne Shorter This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat Because I had a heavy Gonzaga phase, I don’t return to his catalog as much as I should! There are two different Trio Nordestinos. Luckily, it was issued as both a single and re-released on this LP. The track was written by Rosil Calvalcantiwho penned a string of still-beloved hits for nearly all of the great singers from the period, including Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro and Genival Lacerda.

It has a really neat descending backing vocal and a wonderful tuba bass line. Archived from the berson on August 5, Unfortunately, Brazil was a slower to adopt vinyl than the United States and Europe.

gerson filho discografia

This is interesting verson somewhat surprising. Very few 78rpm’s were exported. Chinelo De Rosinha is a great example of the band that they became. This may be one of the missing links to Jackson do Pandeiro’s later sound.


As 12 Mais Do Nordeste was issued twice, once with an earlier label and later with an updated one. Miltons with Herbie Hancock.

Martinho da Vila

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. If it was on Tropicana or Cantagalo, Pedro Sertanejo was your man.

gerson filho discografia

Like all Maraca compactos, the original is quite scarce. Martinho had said that would be his last samba enredo.

Martinho da Vila – Wikipedia

It is documented that pre-Beatle John Lennon attempted to write a calypso tune in called Calypso Rock. Views Read Edit View history. It is time for a classic this week! Retrieved from ” https: