In such cases, YouTube Unblocker receives an automatic update mostly within 24 hours and runs as usual after that. These IP addresses can be matched to specific country codes. YouTube Unblocker Download for Safari now! The answer comes in two simple words: We neither want to foray our users nor beg for money.

gema unblocker chrome

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We want to thank everyone who uses the services of the YouTube Unblocker and decides to support us! YouTube also struggles with some outstanding legal issues regarding copyrights.

Umblocker are the reasons for using YouTube Unblocker? Here, we will show you how the add-on YouTube Unblocker for Google Chrome is installed in only a few steps. YouTube is by far one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in this universe. Thus, we want to circumvent immoderate censoring. In a number of countries, YouTube videos are subject to certain restrictions, i. In other countries, like the U.

gema unblocker chrome

However, viewers from various countries are sometimes excluded from viewership, because their country is subject to certain restrictions regarding YouTube and videos are often censored. The browser add-on unblocks YouTube and lets YouTube users enjoy nearly any video clip.


YouTube Unblocker for Chrome – unlock every blocked Video on YouTube

With more than millions of users, YouTube is the biggest music platform on the planet. The reason for this is an automatic filter on YouTube. For instance, Unblocjer blocks many videos for users in Germany with the help of technical filters. However, YouTube is not the only platform that limits its access to videos. Trusted brands, websites and online shops are emphasized this way.

gema unblocker chrome

The principle of operation is simple: However, the YouTube Unblocker is and will be a free-to-use add-on. Every user can actually be part of this process by downloading the add-on.

YouTube Unblocker Proxy-Addon – unlock every blocked Video on YouTube

In practice, this means that you can ban IP addresses of specific regions Geo-IP blocking in order to limit or prevent users in that region from accessing content. In this way, we hope to attract even more users. As most internet users know, you can be identified by means of an individual IP Internet Protocol address.

Updates, features and a webserver to host the website don’t come free.

Youtube Unblocker

The reasons for blocking a video vary. They only want to watch the latest videos of their favorite artists. Not possible to unlock every video? If you experience similar difficulties in your country with respect to watching YouTube videos and you are tired of being treated differently from other users, you have come to the right place! In such cases, YouTube Unblocker receives an automatic update mostly within 24 hours and runs as usual after that.


Right on – Easy installation in 3 minutes This is not a dangerous. From now on, blocked YouTube videos are recognized automatically and the blocking is bypassed.

With the help of this technical loophole, the video is thus not really unblocked. Subsequently, this content is blocked rigorously to avoid lawsuits by copyright holders against YouTube.

YouTube Unblocker Download for Chrome now! YouTube users are used to this: If it is an IP address from a certain country that is subject to restrictions, there may be a precautionary censorship and the video will be blocked.

gema unblocker chrome

Otherwise, you will browse without a proxy server, as you would normally do, and thus as fast as ever.