Fri Dec 31, 2: Sun Jan 02, 9: Keeft , Super Game Master 2 months ago. Gear score fails to take into account the ability of the player in question. Sat Dec 25, 7: Sat Dec 25, 9: World of Warcraft Gear Score.

gearscore addon 3.3 5

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Hey guys, i’m having problems with the GS addon it’s activated and it works right on my friends accounts but not on mine Copyright by Eternal-WoW. WoW Heroes is an old favorite, providing players with both their overall gear score and an approximation of what instances they should be qualified to run.

Some raid leaders, eager to fill spots but wary of allowing players with gear that may not be up to snuff for a particular instance, blatantly discriminate based on the number they receive when they plug your character name into a gear score website or addon.

No reproduction of this content without written authorization. How to become a VIP Member? I already tried addo but still not working: Cataclysm Download the correct version of the Addon and it should work.


WoW 3.3.5 Addons

After you install it, you can simply mouse over addkn character to see their gear score. Gear score, in a nutshell, is a combination of the ilvl values of every piece of equipment that you wear, combined with the value of any enchantments or other enhancements you have added to them.

gearscore addon 3.3 5

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Several good websites and addons exist to help you determine your gear score. When the score is closer, though, the player with the higher score is not always the best choice.

Gear score fails to take into account the ability of the player in question. It is a good way to get a quick general idea of the quality of the equipment a character is wearing. Gear score is not fool-proof.

gearscore addon 3.3 5

WTF is my Gear Score is another easily-remembered website that can provide your score at a glance. Sun Jan 02, 9: Users browsing this forum: S I says its out of date, should i install the 4. Apocalypse Realm Armory Status Statistics. Now I watch it closely. For instructions on connecting to our 3.


That is why, since we are on the client version 3. Sat Dec 25, 9: Sat Dec 25, 7: In general terms, it provides a measurement of the level of content a character has experienced, based on their ability to acquire and equip items from certain level content. Board index All times are UTC.

WoW Gear Score: What is it and How Do I Check it?

Thu Dec 30, 2: KeeftSuper Game Fearscore 1 week ago. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. What could i do? Top Voters Reward Top 50 Voters. World of Warcraft Gear Score.

gearscore addon 3.3 5

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