As such, any 3rd party traffic add one you may be using become useless I believe you still see them, but they do not communicate with vox so they just fly around doing their own thing. Has anyone got it to work? RC 4 is good. MCE certainly offers a demo, and their support is second to none. Posted October 29, There are no files paths to set, it does it automatically.

fsx voxatc

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But I didn’t like the very tight scripting you’d basically pick csx you wanted to say from a menu and then it would display a script which you’d then have to read back. Classified, Want, Swap Ads. Sign In Sign Up. But I can see the indexer working away but it stalls here. The show stopper for me is its inability to capture the FSS frequency at non towered airports.

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For vpxatc, though, the fun is worth the frustration. Flight Simulation’s Premier Resource! I tested out VoxATX last nite. Just wanted to see whether you had explored the option.

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I switch on VOX for the AI and then use Aivlasoft for the correct weather and runway and select a procedure from there.

Any help will fxs welcomed Rob. My first attempts have been unsuccessful. That’s an essential step. Like the sound of MCE so may give that a go too. Just need some help really, so am getting a little angry at spending such voxayc large amount of dosh on a piece of software that has become unuseable and find myself being ignored. File Library – What’s New. Since getting MCE I’ve also used the VoxScript feature to enhance the flight attendant’s options, getting her to make various cabin announcements, which is almost like a whole extra add-on in itself.


voxatc or other voice recognition atc addons for fsx? – MS FSX | FSX-SE Forum – The AVSIM Community

Went up in the air, Anchorage Ctr recognized me as IFR climb and maintain etc but no opening of the flight and no squawk code. Fwx tried to give it a shot and i wasn’t so happy with it, mostly because the coverage was lacking in the regions i wanted to fly.

It seems to be limited to the quality of the text to speech addons you can install too. MCE allows you a lot more flexibility in your phrasing.

Anyone using Vox ATC? I haven’t tried interfacing with PFE yet, but I intend to give it a try. That’s because every traffic acknowleges every single instruction, whereas in the real world, professional pilots will do their best to give others a fair share of the frequency usage.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. You are right and heres what I do when I come up against the problem. Hope I’m not contravening any rule heremy only excuse being that I fly almost exclusively in OrbX country. After all of this i ran FSX again which also asked me to give permissions to vox’s dll’s and stuff and than placed myself at my local airport and tested the program out, clicked on views, instrument panel, vox atc and the window popped up this time, clicked enable and it ran the preliminary test stuff, after that i could ask for a circuit and all the other stuff and also tried loading a flight plan, that worked too.


There are no files paths to set, it does it automatically. Display as a link instead.

fsx voxatc

I think that it revolved around voxatc schedules and ut2 being different ie: I’m afraid nothing has changed for me. Just to provide an alternative method, I also had the same issues because of my uninstalled box edition.

I use World tsx AI with it and works like a charm always using correct livery and Never any collisions on the ground. Alternate Routings Flights can be created with alternate routings as variations on the filed flight plan.

fsx voxatc

Honestly I have bought every single ATC tool around and Vox is the only one with that immersion factor outside of using an online network.