I could get both Well back to work: Way better than PhalanX or any other sound generator he has. Yes, that’s very true. Yes, Hybrid is my first go to synth.

fruity wrapper sylenth

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I have been buying synths for 14 yrs and saved the ones I love, hence the sweet collection frujty thats what it is, a Collection and to get sounds like the ones we want I would spend days on end programming them and not come close anyways: Each is great in its own way and for what they do.

fruity wrapper sylenth

Also I have Reason 7, with Thor, Malstrom etc. Thanks but still no joy downloading it. Nexus is a “next generation ROM synthesizer!!!

But I agree that the stock sounds are old style sounds that are not used anymore by the famous EDM producers nowadays Clearly at the pro level of VI’s and synths, it doesn’t come down to one being “better” in some subjective sense than another Well back to work: Anyway, I just purchased Nexus two days ago as a result of this thread and even with these issues, I am quite happy with the sounds and interface and reFX’s support frujty been very prompt and helpful.


Well to each his own!

fruity wrapper sylenth

Hi I have problems downloading or viewing this manual on the FTP site, can’t seem to find it any where. So all in all we get you dont like it and dont use it. Why don’t you send a message to any one of them to express your negative opinion of it and tell them why they’re using an inferior product!

Best Regards Christopher Maybe its just me but I have a very hard time hearing how these 2 synths could be anywhere near each other comparing sounds etc. Are the sound banks for Nexus2 qualitatively better than what I have or can get with Alchemy?

He also used Sylenth.

Zebra2 and Sylenth [Archive] – Avid Pro Audio Community

Pro tools was very much a recording point of view. I’d be surprised if that’s not the case. You dont know about my experiences with the plugin or anyone else for that matter. There are several 3rd party banks available for Omnisphere.

fruity wrapper sylenth

Glad to know it can be automated, though. Thats like getting a pro footballer to recommend Gatorade for sports performance.

Sylenth1 doesnt load!!!!

If you dont like Nexus, great. Not people who were payed to read a script.


We use the Arp all the time and works flawless. You can do alot also without the arp, no?

The sounds just fit. I have reported this phenomenon to reFX support and hopefully it will be addressed, but, in the meantime, being able to change the velocities via MIDI would be a usable workaround.

Sylenth1 doesnt load!!!! | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum

Hans Zimmer specifically mentioned it and used it in Dark Knight and continues using it. Super quality and easy on the resources. Funny everyone’s process is different in creating tracks.

You can emulate any ftuity synth sound in possibly most of the EDM tracks you hear with omnisphere D Seriously, that’s a pretty good endorsement. It opens with only 2 page and the download link don’t work. You can really tweak up the sounds with it and sylneth some unique sounds with it. Thanks for the recommendation!