Use an empty password? Home directory permissions Leave empty for default: At this point you might want to start with a fresh jail, just to make things easier. Thanks for the quick reply! After the upgrade everything worked great had to install pkg as noted in your FEB update. Sorry for the late reply Everett, for some reason your latest one got caught in the Akismet filters probably the package links.

freenas serviio plugin

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This section will take some time to complete so set aside a couple of hours]: Serviio is running and I can connect to it using the Serviio Console on my Win8 box.

This list should be identical to the first. I wonder if I have a space issue. Yeah the jail ID will increment when its either turned off and on again in the FreeNAS control panel or if you delete it and recreate it.

freenas serviio plugin

Shell sh csh tcsh nologin [sh]: Hi, Thanks for going to the effort to document this process. The user is so you have a user account both within the core FreeNAS install and within the jail running Serviio that are identical and therefore cross over between them.


I now have a kick ass Freenas with Serviio 1. I followed your instructions and everything works until 8.

Two more questions… are you by chance running the 64 bit version and are you running off of a USB Flash drive? Use an empty password? At this point you might want to start with a fresh jail, just to make things easier. I had a couple issues but they were mostly path and UID related and were solved by re-reading, or scrolling through the comments. Any ideas how I might be able to get beyond this? This is running from a USB Flash drive. Create a user on your FreeNAS for yourself, e.

FreeNAS Jail with Serviio – MYstIC G

I am running 8. SU root jexec 1 freenas portsnap fetch extract update Update 02 February To ensure that you have the new pkg program installed run: I am not sure if I need to update something on the server config, or if I just need to put in the correct path in my Serviio console. Hi E, thanks for the feedback. It does indeed boot off of USB.

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Hey MysticG, Another happy guy over here. Execute the following commands: I hope that helps plugn else experiencing the same issue that Everett and I was. One stumbling block — do not install the Jail on the USB, as the freespace is locked perhaps works on a reboot but I had lots of trouble until I realised this. Will that be a problem? If not, is there a way that I can verify that the Mount Point is correctly configured either in the Shell or something other that the GUI?


Lock out the account after creation?

freenas serviio plugin

Really glad you were able to get Serviio up and running and brilliant news that the extra step has made the difference. Great news… I finally got Serviio up and running and I am streaming content throughout the house!

It shows how to clean a messed up Portmaster installation before installing PKG: I used this instractions in August on test mashine and all was OK. Serviio will now start-up on every boot. I had a lot of problems installing psmediaserver on FreeNAS I have not, but it is because I was under the impression it would grow as space is needed.