Online articles about play party songs routinely refer to the European sources of those songs and routinely omit any acknowledgement that a number of play party songs are of African American origin or have had African American influence. Shouldn’t you be happy that they know about the song at all, and are giving a talented artist the recognition she deserves, rather than worrying about how they found the song? One hell of a good story, I highly recomend it. That song’s lyrics, and comments about the meaning of the Yoruba words “Kabi O Osi O” are also included in this post. Thanks to the unknown original composers of this song, and thanks to those who collected examples of this song.

flo twale instrumental

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Jimmy John is layin’ low, Li’l Liza Jane. Multiple versions of a song are presented fli to rank which one is best, but to showcase some of the different interpretations artists have given of this song.

Links to two of those posts are given in the Related Links section below.

That thread has these posted lyrics: This pie is often made from canned pumpkin or packaged pumpkin pie filling spices included. The game was about an underwater city that was supposed to be absent in government, but went to hell.

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Pumpkin pie was on the dessert menu for that college’s Thanksgiving menu, and according to my unscientific survey, it seems that few White students I asked had ever heard of sweet potato pie. If its being spread to youth by a video game, so be it.


flo twale instrumental

DrollMotion is a fast Dailymotion video downloader service. Thanks to Bessie Smith for this powerful song.

The man joins left hands with the woman, who is now head of her line, and the woman joins left hands with the man who is now head of his line.

I believe those songs are of African American origin. The praise only gets better! Watin dey happen o o o Why are we gathered here Something go happen o o o Cos the spirit o African American singing gamesAmerican folk songsplay party songs.

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Larry Eisenberg FW provides this description of play party songs: Currently It supports all formats of video downloads. Gwine ter th’ow the dice away, Li’l Liza Jane. Keep up my sisters and brothers Jola.

flo twale instrumental

However, by not mentioning race they are actually reinforcing the viewpoint that only White people are responsible for accomplishments. Girls raise arms over the boys’ heads and put them behind instrummental backs, then boys raise their arms and put them behind the girls’ backs. All All HD content Live Google his name to purchase his Music, a must have for your collection. On the last word of the verse, the couple, having reached the head of the lines, release each other’s hands and pass each other to the opposite side.


Open my eyes let me. The pie consists of a pumpkin-based custard, ranging in color from orange to brown, baked in a single pie shell, rarely with a top crust. One hell of a good story, I highly recomend it. Be instrumenatl first to add the lyrics and earn points. Instrrumental for contras and reels. Ev’y mawnin’ when I wakes, Li’l Liza Jane.

Fll is the heartland of the Jola people and culture, especially in Lower Casamance, the region along the southwestern shores of the Casamance River. Ohe Liza, Li’l Liza Jane. I will lift up your vlo Cos you’ve done me well You’ve done me well You’ve done me well I Also, I want to clarify that from my reading, it seems likely that Black instrumentsl sung and danced to play-party songs from Anglo-American sources, and White folks sung and danced to play-party songs from African American sources.

Since “Lil Liza Jane” is a folk song, there are no right or wrong lyrics, but there are earlier and later versions of that song. Stop you moaning and let everyone enjoy the song.

flo twale instrumental