Adding markings Tutorial 7: Editing your music Tutorial 5: For the best experience in using a Garritan library with Finale, see Setting up Garritan sound libraries in Finale in our Knowledge Base. Launching and authorizing Finale Step 4: This allows all three instruments to be applied to unison ensemble lines without having common samples for any given pitch.

finale 2014 garritan

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Manually assigning instrument sounds. Garritan virtual instrument libraries are acclaimed for their unprecedented realism and control over playback. Leave feedback on this topic Finale for Mac Copyright and trademarks.

finale 2014 garritan

C, CGarrittan and uses every third sample in the mapping. Adding markings Tutorial 7: These steps are not necessary for the included Garritan Instruments for Finale.

finale 2014 garritan

To add keyswitches as expressions Choose the Expression tooland double-click the document. The Playback Data Dump dialog box appears.

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For their designed function, these instruments work well together, despite the samples sometimes sounding less than ideal if played by themselves. Only the “Solo” instruments are intended to be used in a solo context.


finale 2014 garritan

Auditioning your score Tutorial 4: The Garritan Instruments for Finale installer provides all the files needed for integration with Finale.

Here what it shows for garritam Beginning a new project Tutorial 2: Mike Halloran Finale If you load more than finle ARIA Player, channel 1 in each player window will equal the first channel in its channel range. If you are unfamiliar with these subjects, a run through the Finale Tutorials is highly recommended.

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Beginning a new project Tutorial 2: Get Started Step 1: Sorry, I haven’t been looking at the garritan list.

In the third Data box, type Get Started Step 1: To load new instruments from Garritan Instruments for Finale, click empty or the name of a loaded instrument.

If Human Playback is enabled, text such as arco and pizz is interpreted and keyswitches are triggered automatically. Also, the “Solo” instrument should never be used along side any of the “Plr” instruments if a unison occurs in the score.

Launching and authorizing Finale Step 4: Again, this is because the “Plr” instruments all have samples in common with the “Solo” instrument from which they are derived, causing phasing problems. Entering notes Tutorial 3: What can it hurt to try?


In this tutorial, you will learn more about some of the advanced features of Finale, Human Playback, and Garritan instruments, and how you can use them together to create the most realistic and nuanced playback of your score.

Auditioning your score Tutorial 4: Formatting your music Tutorial 8: You can also assign a Keyswitch to an expression manually by defining the expression to send a MIDI Note On message at the pitch of a keyswitch. If it doesn’t, I can make the installer available through Dropbox easily enough. Windows 7, Finale v Leave feedback on this topic Finale for Mac.