If you are running a FTB modpack minecraft version 1. Small server looking to expand. Small 10 Person ServerrnJust restarted so everyone is starting newrnPvP is encouragedrnNot many rules, just use common sense. Server Closed – Sorry. We have a friendly community who welcome all new players with open arms. LvHostGaming is a community for gaming, we provide servers – whatever our community desires, and it is being improved by its suggestions. Check us out now.

feed the beast unleashed 1.1.3 server

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Welcome to MineCore – FTB Unleashed for • Feed the Beast Servers

For now we host the Direwolf20 1. Unleashed ServerrnrnVery Active staf f and ownersrnfriendly community. Hosted in Arizona, USA. We are SuperNovaGames, an up and fed community that is looking for new members. Een leuke server waar geen enkel item is geblokeerd.

Bloodtide Corp Ultimate Open play. A greylisted, PVE, no griefing server with a great community!


Regarding Feed the Beast Server [ Re-opened] |

Come check us out. Techno Beast Monster 1. I’m a no nonsense kinda guy. Terra Nova [DireWolf20 1. AGN offers multiple modpack servers and vanilla on a custom globalized plugin system thats non pay2win or ban4profit.

feed the beast unleashed 1.1.3 server

Titanz Project Ozone 3 IP: We’ll see you on the server! Ich hoffe ihr kommt.

Especially the “Z” key immediately upon joining. World of Craft IP: Simple Mindcrack without gregtech server with no annoying permissions and admins. Join us now and help us grow an active and friendly community.

Regarding Feed the Beast Server [ Re-opened]

Greylisted server, application for building perms you must apply at myminecraft. We have a few parkour courses that are quite difficult, if you ever w. Sending your own Millenaire village to attack someone else’s is allowed unless they give a special request that you not attack them. Are you ready fsed the Big Dig?

Friendly server looking for good players No hacking, cheating, duping. Modded Minecraft server, with mods, with custom modpack. Ender Farms Crackpack 1.


We host a lobby server with 5 other serv ers attached. Banner ip word nog aangepast. The server is now Tekkit with galacticraft!

feed the beast unleashed 1.1.3 server

We have a friendly community who welcome all new players with open arms. We want players to beat able to work together and trust each other so we have various plugins in place to prevent greifers and other disrespectful players causing bother on our server. Be respectful, Be ethical, Use common sense, Smile: Go on adventure in space and discover new planets and galaxies. No stealing, PvP is enabled but discouragedno bdast.