I didn’t even touch her just to make sure What is he doing there? You can’t let them get away with it after all they have done to you. I won’t eat breakfast today. Your visit gave him such a big morale, thank you. I’ll be all right. If you give up on your case

The doors were wide open all along, but you refused to see it. We just pretended that we didn’t. Okay, I’ll ask them to get him treated. Think about your brother. She just wants to annoy us to death. I feel sorry about him though. I’m worried about Meryem Abla.

Getting that shovel to the head was totally worth this. That’s why nobody wants to tell you anything.

Don’t fatmavul him talk to my brother, Kadir Abi. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. He’s in jail after all. Not a man, even. Don’t worry about me. And I’ll send them a message as well. I will make all your dirty laundry surface. Please don’t let him see my brother.

But this is too many people in one room. You will never walk alone. You have a photo on the newspaper. Tell these people what you have just said. You chose to be silent. My husband has to bear the brunt of it. Subtitkes, abi, it doesn’t. Come, just sit, son.


I rather be the only one with hatred Can we let this happen? She has to decide till tomorrow 2 p.

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I bet you won’t want us in your house. If you give up on your case Let’s try to guess how long we’ll be prisoned. But she didn’t yet. She did not say anything to the police or the doctors. I can’t live with that. You can go now. What are you up to again? You’ll usbtitles over the stairs. The newspapers have come. What is going on? Permalink Edit Editors Share Share this annotation: We both lost our loved ones.

She didn’t even let her hold the baby before. Thank God he and my husband went along well. He’s in jail because of you!

We all can understand what’s going on. You came in time.

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That’s a good one. I told englihs I would make her confess the truth to you. But I’m the one who is suffering in the end. It is your decision, after all. It gave me a relief to have that woman on our side. We can’t be more generous than that.


He’ll be at the prosecution office tomorrow at 2 p. Is she being reluctant? They can go to hell.

But maybe it would be better for us. But think about this. Now it’s up to you. And your brother will be grateful for the rest of his life. My back was against the tunnel, and in the heat of the conversation