Tatsumi continues to fail to hurt Miki, using a variety of “special moves” which do not seem any different from his usual attacks. The students find out the sport will be volleyball, something none of them have any experience in. After returning Kouta to Aoi, Kanzaki performs his special move, though it just leaves everyone confused. Media Arts Database in Japanese. When Tatsumi refuses, Hildegarde attempts to kill him with a bird demon but Tatsumi manages to beat it. He warns Furuichi to stop Tatsumi getting involved with the six, and tells him that the six wear badges to identify them as Holy Knights, before promptly revealing himself to be one of them.

ending beelzebub tsuyogari

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When Tatsumi refuses, Hildegarde attempts to kill him with a bird demon but Tatsumi manages to beat it. Tatsumi easily stops endinng firework and causes a giant flaming Zebul Spell to appear on the ground. While playing with him, he figures out the key to performing his new special move.

After some failed attempts at treating some of the students, they change back after discovering an actually useful tool on Baby Beel’s costume, but accidentally triggers an explosive that negates all the work Beelzebb did getting his mark down to size.

He declares that he is seeking revenge on Tatsumi, and has taken hostages at the school to stop anyone interfering. Oga manages to catch up with the help of the transdimensional demon, Aldelaion, before utilizing Beslzebub power to beat Himekawa. After being shocked early in the morning by Baby Beel, Tatsumi’s enthusiasm to find someone new to pass Beel onto is temporarily reborn, and upon hearing rumors of six students who excel both academically and athletically, he goes off searching for these six endinng the hopes that they will beelzebbu Baby Beel.


They roll a large weight onto Shiroyama, hospitalizing him. Tatsumi appears to be quite beaten up after fighting Tojo, but not deterred from it at all. Tojo sets off fireworks to try to cheer up Beel and all the delinquents are captivated by them. Later, Tatsumi takes Baby Beel and the cat to a play center where he once again meets Aoi in her park debut outfit.

Izumo and Tojo have a fight after school and Izumo reveals some of his demon powers. Baby Beel’s fear of insects prompts Tatsumi to give him some special tssuyogari up in the mountainous village of Mapputatsu.

Later Furuichi is confronted by a shy girl. After Tatsumi recovers from the ordeal, Hildegarde decides to stay with him to raise Beelzebub together, much to Tatsumi’s chagrin.

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She also informs Tatsumi that if he is more than 15 meters away from Baby Beel, who he nicknames, his cries will increase in power until they destroy the city. Afterward, Aoi is once again baffled by Tatsumi trying to give her Baby Beel, explaining that he’s forced to raise him because of Hildegarde.

ending beelzebub tsuyogari

Miki begins to power up his most powerful technique, which he advises Tatsumi to dodge due to its power. Miki, who also moved to Nara after being beaten by Tatsumi, realizes that Tatsumi had only beaten him to protect him from Kiriya when the two of them were both in Nara.

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In order to make up for forgetting his daughter’s birthday, Alaindelon brought Angelica to Furuichi’s house for a tour of the Human World. Tatsumi attacks Alex, knocking him out in one punch.


Beelzzebub Beel has been crying all night for the past three nights, which is causing Tatsumi and the whole neighbourhood to get very little sleep. Back with Furichi, the group talks and realises Lord En is on and online game. Kazuya confuses this for Tatsumi’s attack.

The students lack motivation which Hilda promises to sort out. The mark on Tatsumi’s arm goes back to its smaller size, much to the chagrin of Hildegarde who destroys his games console.

Graphel and Naga interrupt the fight and beat Izuma up. Elsewhere Furuichi is tsuyogarii skiing with some girls when Alaindelon interrupts and transports Furuichi to where Tatsumi and the other are. There Furuichi enters the mixed bath where Hilda is although he is unaware of this. Tatsuya goads Tatsumi into hitting a ceramic plate hidden under his shirt, but his punch is so powerful it knocks him out anyway.

Baby Beel is angry to have been woken and subsequently tantrums, shocking Tatsumi and Sudohara.

ending beelzebub tsuyogari

Tatsumi tells Hilda and Alaindelon what Izuma had said to him. Beelzrbub, Kanzaki, Himekawa, and Shiroyama confront Aizawa and Karou and begin to fight, but are quickly beaten by them, but they refuse to give up because of their stubbornness. Unfortunately, Angelica left before Furuichi could ask her about it.

ending beelzebub tsuyogari

Rummaging through a bag of demon world toys, Baby Beel opens a chest that transforms Tatsumi and Takayuki into nurses, which can only be reversed by helping Baby Beel play Doctor.