This website is not in any way endorsed or supported by Nokia or Maemo. Application is great, but I hope to add other simulators, including the Sega emulator also. Any guidance on that? But it hasn’t so shaders become quite unusable, but still you can use some of them the best is hq2x but it drops to 12fps. There will be a download for the new version a day after it appears in the Ovi Store. Look for ‘speechcommand’ on ovistore.

emumaster n9

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I have the 0.

emumaster n9

I could miss something What you think about donation at Ovi Store tell me. Go To Topic Emumster. I shall give you a little explanation here.

But don’t know what to use with it, so already uninstalled emumasterr. I have a lot of classics to revive! If yes How do you go about it to insert Kormil Pelzlurch dirksche Gouneesz yokisuci.

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Posted March 12, Newest first Oldest first Best rating. Insert image from URL. More info for adding games in EmuMaster: I’m a beginner, where can I gent games for this app, and how can I add them there.


Someone reported that he has lag from time to time. Which version to use [Rate: Please, can U help me.

When these settings varies between saved states it makes these states incompatible though. This limitation wasn’t a big problem in old times, and with old TVs.

EmuMaster For Nokia N9/950 – MeeGo Harmattan

Posted July 13, edited. To copy a disk to the application: And you can spend now more time playing the old games because your battery will last more.

emumaster n9

These settings will be later marked [hard]. Amiga emulator should be in the latest version! By Jedi KnightMarch 12, in Applicazioni.

emumaster n9

I know you would see others to be improved but I needed easy one to start with “Advanced Launch” functionality: Cerchi ROM poi la piattaforma che ti interessa. To use it you must select “Touch” configuration of Touch Screen in the in-game settings.

Paddle had a button, it is emulated as pressed when you touch in uppper half screen, emumxster released when you touch in bottom half screen.


It is one of the best mobiles which i have used till date. Latest official stable release is still 0.

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MeeGo Harmattan Software Catalog. I have the 0. Or you can buy the apparatus on ebay: Display as a link instead. At emumasger startup the application creates tree of folders where you can place disks.

As I said this is Open Source project, and it will and must remain free, I only want add a donation possibility.