Install ElsaWin setup and press Next. Car Brand has been successfully installed. Read warning that pops up Scroll to bottom and press OK to make program work. Remove the first disk and add the second one and press OK to continue Step I use English — United Kingdom.

elsawin 3.91 vw

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ElsaWin is being installed Step Remove the first disk and add the second one and press OK to continue Step How to Run Now select any item to view a wiring diagram in this example.

Fill in User Information Step 5: Now we have to input some vehicle details before we can eslawin any data. After the Data disks have been installed we need to create the User accounts to logon to the system.

Choose detail that you wish to add. The program has now installed correctly! More will be said that the assistant is ready to create the user. Previous My opinion vww Press Create Step Select additional language support needed to run and press “Next”.


Install Adobe Acrobat Reader if not installed. Now we need esawin that it is all working. In the next window click “OK” without changing anything.

Enter the number of the importer “”, the dealer number “” and click “Next”. Choose a directory for the installation of the program preferably left unchanged.

How to install ElsaWin 4.0 software for Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda

You must choose a Distributer and Elsawinn Number. Assign a password for the user. Now Administration Service should have the user s created. Sweet share Wooot Wooot Share On! Install ElsaWin setup and press Next.

Close all windows later by clicking the “Next” button. Press Next if you are happy. A simple breakdown of what needs to be done. Code is good; you will see this as it loads up the system. Now it is asking for the CD 2. Choose a Language that works for you.

elsawin 3.91 vw

Check the correctness of the data entered and confirm. English, Russian Operating System: If the system does not have ElsaWin installed then load the ElsaWin 4.


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Thanks for this great contribution. You must enter the name of? To create a user must run the shortcut on your desktop? If system has ElsaWin already installed then use the update Disk.

elsawin 3.91 vw

To install, you must run the setup.