It can easily become a full time job making sure the database is up-to-date and using it to the capacity it is meant to be used. I did use an older version that was on a network, so we had problems with crashing butI believe they are all online now. Database has ability to send out group communications emails AND texts! We’d love to set up some time with you to share it. Recommendations to other buyers: Great, easy-to use, expandable interface. Best of luck and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

elexio database

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Not enough time in the day to discover all that it can do. There is great training available through podcasts, videos, and articles. That it would be easier to organize forms, delete or hide forms that have expired. I can check to see who has read their email, and my admin can send emails from my email address so replies come to me.

Elexio Database

However, it can be tricky to learn how to customize those reports. The dwtabase we have with Elexio is fantastic. It is possible to do this online or offline, and customer service is available on Sunday mornings.

elexio database

Lista completa de Software para administrar iglesias. That it accessible on all devices and it cloud based.

elexio database

We are honored to be able to serve you with solutions that help ease your daily management! This is by far the best product database they have ever offered.


I love being able to look at a person’s profile and see the groups they are in. Church Management Software Pricing Guide.

Elexio Database vs Flocknote – Feature and Pricing Comparison

After all these years, I’ve been able to figure out probably 99 percent of what I need to do in the database. Easy to use but powerful. Now, from my laptop at home, I can easily send a text or email to anyone or any conceivable grouping of people in our congregation.

Any time that I run into an issue or have a question about best practices when using their product, I get a timely and easy to understand response and it is great to know that I can call in and get help right away if I need it. Great to hear from you, Mary!

elexio database

I am the rlexio assistant at a church where they use the Elexio database. I’m still learning all the time new things, and I’ve been using Elexio for about five years. There are a lot of different parts to eexio software that one doesn’t learn overnight. Wish there could be an automated email reminder based on due date. We are just large enough to have outgrown our Excel spreadsheet directory and updating that spreadsheet was cumbersome and fell onto the shoulders of one individual.

Elexio Database РOpiniones, precios, y características РCapterra

I mainly deal satabase customer service over email, so will wait hours or a day for a response. When we used it, the congregation did not like the online user interface so many did not sign up or even bother to log in to look at it after our initial roll out. The customer service is wonderful. After 4 years the reports are still like pulling teeth. We are very pleased and wish we had made this change sooner! Ddatabase would be great to have a directory that would show birth day month and day without showing year or age.


The mobil app is excellent, with integration to maps and phone so you don’t have to jump apps, meaning you can look up someone, click databwse address and pull up directions, or click their number to call and it connects to your phone app to begin the call, without copy or pasting addresses or phone numbers. To their credit, their customer service is quick, friendly, and responsive.

We have experienced no negative issues with our Elexio products or their support. They are committed to helping you solve problems and work smarter. I wish databasw there was a way that everyone would have their own log of reports without having to go through all reports ever made by everyone else.

Also really appreciate the time you took to detail your experience in your review. We’ll make sure the team gets your notes around the platform. The current products are inferior, as described above.