I know it’s annoying having to rewatch scenes but could you check for me in case they’re there and I can’t find them? I found the episode online which says it’s 20 Feb, also a Sunday. But there aren’t any other doubles in At 27m 22s Dot makes a toast to Abi in the Vic, and several characters are seen in this small scene, some who didn’t appear elsewhere in the episode. That’s how it would look. Maybe for now keep recurring and guest together, separate former regulars? So civvy Street does not need to be include its just finding that one episode date in the book. Ruth married Mark in , but do you think she should be listed as Ruth Aitken, also credited as Ruth Fowler and the same for other characters?.

Mick calls and Woody answers the phone but Johnny takes it from him and tell Mick that Woody is just a temp. Hi I have finished let me know how’s it looking so far at least theres more wrong ones removed now. Post figures come from the BARB website. That leaves us with 2 episodes under. The BBC are looking at the issue, but I have not been given a date when the service is likely to return. Wow you keep detailed notes.

Eastdnders means as of gudie 3rd reset sandbox5 list we are 3 out as of 13 April I think that’s better as it shows that it is unknown. Thanks Kelvin talk Hi sorry I was talking about the reset list which I was hoping that would help us solve the main list. I think images in articles in a great idea if we have them available but I wondered if a side gallery of cast changes is a good idea or is it better to have a larger gallery section with a selection of cast members not actually sure I like that idea, it could be a pretty big gallery.

I am aware that where we place people within the cast section varies. But if they do stand alone, and aren’t part of the ongoing story, we can leave them as they are. I only suggest this because of the difference between episode tvraage and number of episodes.

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If gguide are 2 doubles missing, then we’d be consistently 6 out, meaning that possibly the 6 spin-offs aren’t included. I am confused, unless the two parts Omnibus only count as one? The BBC are looking at the issue, but I have not been given a date when the service is likely to return.


So 3 January is the 2nd episode that year, for the purporses of that article, eaetenders then the infobox says episodes which it did beforeand not which it does now. Do you think we should go back to the auto number list but for the double episodes lay it out like this.

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Sorry, forgot to ping you! Can we add more reference rvrage to this part of the list to try to find where the difference is? Might be difficult for older ones but easlier for Genome has Barbara Emile as the director but mentions Philip Casson as producer might have it wrong way around? Just a quick reminder, if you’re adding writers and directors, please check which have Wikipedia articles and add tvraye appropriatey.

Secondly, currently I’ve added in the last appearances for Eastendegs and Alfie, but if they do return after the spin-off, then it should probably be removed, and it seems likely that would be forgotten. Just thought I’d mention that I found someone’s website where they had added synopses of EastEnders episodes from to plus a tvrwge inand I thought I’d compare.

If I am correct, then as of 13 Aprilwe are just 1 out.

Omnibus () (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

I’ve looked and looked for Jack in this episode but can’t see him, can you? In Decemberthe BBC completed an exercise, scanning the listings from Radio Times of all BBC programmes from an entire run of about 4, copies of the magazine. Although the reset was not done till and the BBC Sales list were made few years before that.

Since it began inEastEnders has consistently entertained its millions of viewers each week with a huge breadth of wide ranging storylines, from the dramatic and powerful to the light and humorous. Which refs are these?

Thats a very well detailed investigation there are a few episode with single numbers that last an hour see User: I keep this because the way I do the character count list is from an Excel spreadsheet, so I copy every cast list into a massive table and another table calculates the numbers which I then sort by regular or guest, number and alphabetically by last name, and I just copy that into the page each time It’s a shame Getty doesn’t list the reset numbers with the retroactive numbers.


Hi sorry for getting back to you so late I will make sure that all double numbers are in full with a slash and that double writers also have a slash with no line break.


Hi just came across this BBC Sale website it says the the World Cup episodes are supplemental episodes see link below. This episode is not included in the overall numbering of the EastEnders episodes.

Hi, hope you’re well. Sorry if I have done anything incorrect and please let me know if there is anything else. No need to add them back – the history has them if they are needed, but it would be for reference only. If so, do you eastendrrs we need to go through other episodes shown at different times or of different lengths just to make sure?

Ruth married Mark inbut do you think she should be listed as Ruth Aitken, also credited as Ruth Fowler and the same for other characters?.

I’m going to make a radical suggestion. I have conflicting information with regard to the ratings. What do you think?

I don’t have any objections and do agree it’s convincing and would fix the the list, it would also mean changing the character’s appearances from November It would be too time-consuming for me to check every special to confirm whether it counts as 1 easetnders 2 episodes but if you have a few specific dates you would like the episode numbers confirming I can check these for you.

Includes 1 sunday episode. But I’ve rewatched some and not seen them, especially in the one scene Vincent appears in talking to Jack about Kim’s theory test.

EastEnders always seeks to tell new stories to entertain our viewers and we have a big summer ahead. I am wondering should rating be left blank or should it have both ratings in the field like this ” Also, I’d like to see the arrivals and departures of any main characters added to these sections – I did do some that were missing for a while ago but eisode are more.