On ne bloque pas pour bloquer, croyez-moi! Gageons qu’une fois de plus, la montagne accouchera d’une souris. It will ease the burden borne by the Member States through their national contributions and ensure the proper financing of EU policies with clear European added value. I actually fundamentally disagree because institutional talks are about who has the power. Clearly this cannot continue and people must be protected from the criminal activities of a few unscrupulous crooks. We see it in the acceptance of state violence against the people of Catalonia and the opposition against democratic governments of Poland and Hungary and the sabotage of Brexit. Nevertheless, we urge companies to follow good practices on the anticipation and socially responsible management of restructuring.

dziewczyny z przemytu human trafficking

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Les doy solo este dato: Thank you very much for all of your comments. Gerade in Italien wird derzeit mit antideutschen Parolen Stimmung gemacht.

Ik heb goed naar u geluisterd en u hebt de paraplu een klein beetje geopend door te verwijzen naar de bestaande instrumenten, zoals de richtlijn over de rijwaardigheidstests.

What is proposed is a larger budget than we currently have — this in spite of the UK leaving.

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Ma sul tema specifico, bisogna aggiungere altre due velocissime cose. Per introdurre la vostra richiesta, inserite la carta di voto e utilizzate uno qualsiasi dei bottoni xziewczyny il voto elettronico. It is also very relevant that the Commission announced its intention to produce a report on national schemes granting EU citizenship to investors.


dziewczyny z przemytu human trafficking

This report could help us to have a better overview and dziewczynj about existing practices. As I have already set out, while the Commission has no competence to intervene directly on allegations of fraud or criminal activities, we expect national authorities, be they law enforcement or judicial bodies, to tackle this vigorously.

There is a clear need for more responsibility, and with my services and my colleagues here, we use this as a sort of slogan. It is time it made way for a government that will be constructive and find a solution.

dziewczyny z przemytu human trafficking

Kull applikant huwa vvettjat individwalment. This false debate also casually overlooks the fact that some EU Member States actually continue to sell arms to Turkey. Ist doch ganz klar: Parliament has also flagged these up in the past. Dan is het zuiver verkopen aan de hoogste bieder. This is quite important. Parce que nous aurons besoin qu’il le soit.

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Warum ist das so? What you are saying is true. Diese beiden Punkte sind notwendig, sie unterstreichen das heutige Prinzip Europas.

Mr President, the citizens that you and I represent expect the Union to contribute to their safety and security from internal and external threats.

Y przeymtu verdad que es una realidad creciente: In questi continui scambi le organizzazioni di produttori svolgono un ruolo essenziale attraverso i loro piani di produzione e commercializzazione.

dziewczyny z przemytu human trafficking

Parce que nous, les Roumains, nous attendons depuis dix ans. Ik zou willen dat dit een thema wordt in de Raad van de regeringsleiders en dat, in plaats van de multinationals en de banken te bedienen, de burgers in Europa en met name zij die het moeilijk hebben weer centraal komen te staan.


Secondly, we requested this debate because it was reported that the Turkish military has used EU-funded Cobra vehicles to shoot at and forcefully push Syrian refugees back across the border.

I completely agree with the vast majority of your remarks and, above all, thank you for your commitment to taking action as soon and as far as possible.

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Frau Kommissarin, lassen Sie mich noch mal klarstellen: Nel questo Parlamento ha adottato una risoluzione per chiedere sanzioni contro trentadue cittadini russi coinvolti a vario titolo nell’omicidio Magnitskij. That is something we will have to address. It is also clear that we need to continue to work at all levels to protect our consumers and honest businesses from becoming victims of this fraud.

Dat gaat lijnrecht in tegen alles waar Europa voor staat. And it is since we have the European Union that we have guaranteed democracy in the European Union.