This sounds like a lot, but it is a small price to pay, and besides it is the only automatic show detection software available that supports the new WTV container used in Windows 7. Mon Sep 30, 5: Next up is the DTBAddin, which is very straight forward, just unzip it and run the MSI for your platform x86 or x64 , next, next next is fine, but a restart is required. YouTube is ‘really happy’ with viewership for its live MLB games. I am building a new system this weekend so I should be doing it all over again but if you still have problems I can go over my setup. Now in the event that part of a show was incorrectly marked as a commercial — it does happen on occasion — what we want to do is simply disable the auto skip altogether and skip ’em manually.


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Start at the bottom by checking the Dtbaddkn Skip check box and the Suppress Not Found check box otherwise anytime you try to watch a recording that has not be scanned, you’ll get a nag warning. Fri Sep 21, 8: If DTBAddin – 1.

On one hand it is nice to be able to automatically skip commercials while a show is still recording, but on the other it occupies a worker for a much longer time more on that next. This won’t want match because it was recorded on ABC This one is a match.

How to Edit (Remove Commericals) in a live TV shows broadcasts using a TV Tuner Card ?

If you don’t want it to work like that, then by all means don’t follow these settings, if you aren’t sure how to change the behavior, post in the comments and we’ll try dthaddin help. It still didn’t seem to work. A log will look like this when it works. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.


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Set the workers to 2, which is how many shows will be scanned at the same time. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. The “walk-through” setup I found for Comskip did not mention installing it. Tesla’s first major V3 Supercharger rollout is taking place in Canada. We also checked the automatic cleanup so temp files get deleted, as well as the Include Watched folder although we don’t know what it does. What should I be looking for and delete? Now in the event that part of a show was incorrectly marked as a commercial — it does happen on occasion — what we want to do is simply disable the auto skip altogether and skip ’em manually.


Be sure to try both a show that is supposed to match, as well as one that isn’t. We also find this Metadata editor useful for seeing what is available as well as copying the expected value.

Leave modify permissions checked and click next. There are also some customizations that can be done in here to increase the accuracy of the scanning, but honestly we’ve never tried dtbacdin ourselves.

Users browsing this forum: This will bring up a file picker where you can choose from your recordings to see if they match. We’ll go over more of this later, but for now go ahead and close out of it.


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You do need the DTBAddin for it to actually skip commercials. Finally make sure that the profile Every File is still last, otherwise your conditions will never be tried. Start off by hitting New Condition on the top right. For starters some variables are of different types and can’t be compared numbers vs letters while others aren’t set until after the show is finished recording.

In the event that the show has not been scanned yet, we just want to watch the show and skip commercials manually. I was able to re-install. The best place to start for these troubles is this folder. But one thing that can also go wrong when you create Process Conditioners is that you mess them up and nothing gets scanned.

My system was using Showanalyzer and I decided that I wanted to give comskip a look. But we found it could be more trouble then it is worth without these customizations. If you have tons of disks, load up Resource Monitor in Windows and monitor the Average Disk Queue length to see what your box can handle. Previous topic Next topic.