Among other things, it enables higher graphics settings, multiple game saves, texture modifications and also serves as a platform for other mods to launch from. I messed up a bit with the filenames and that could be confusing. Because the only thing that comes to mind is that you’re using dsfix 2. This is the first version of DSFix I am using. Oh, and you can of course still donate. Good to know that DSfix got updated. I narrowed it down to make sure that nothing else is the problem, it is indeed this that is causing it to crash.

dsfix 2.1

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All is right in the world again I am posting this in case anyone may have the same problem. A few people had an issue where, if they set the frame limit to 60 with unlocked framerate and played the game for 5 hours or more, it would start limiting the framerate to 59 which obviously causes stuttering on 60 Hz displays.

If I relock the framerate, the issue disappears. Wild Hunt The Witcher 2: You turned this game from an unplayable mess to the great game it should be. I have the game installed through steam and even if I just copy the files in the data folder without changing a single thing in the ini file, the game crashes at loading. Short answer — you may need to put the data. dsfkx


I messed up a bit with the filenames and that could be dafix. You will like it. Try turning off all dsfix functions then running the game, if it runs, start turning dsfix stuff on one feature at a time.

DSfix | metaclassofnilblog

Hey Soul, I had a similar problem initially. This DSfix version did not help. No search term specified. Your mod did work up until the most recent patch, and I stumbled across your blog just a today. Anyone have any idea why this could be?

dsfix 2.1

I prefer to play on the PC with mouse and keyboard. After scouring the web for solutions, I found that the Data Execution Prevention settings that other people had also been having problems with in previous versions were still plaguing me with this new DSfix.

Then in steam verify the game integrity and this will download these 4 files and that’s all this should do it, now the game will not crash. I finally fixed it. Kodaemon User 60 Sep 29, Incidentally, any news on a working interface scaling without double boss and debuff bars? This stopped everything on my mouse with mousefix from working, except for scrolling the wheel.


dsfix 2.1

However, unlike with other older versions of DSfix, the game seems to just not work out of Steam outright instead of just crashing at some point. What is the issue exactly?

dsfix 2.1

As said before here, my friend has exactly the same problem! Thanks for posting this!

Dark Souls

Yes I am on Windows 8. Kodaemon User 57 Sep 27, For someone like me who is absolutely uninterested in using a controller, this mod is an absolute necessity. I now laugh in the face of those who claim ‘you must use a controller’ simply because it’s just not true. Windebieste User 41 Sep 25, Is there something I am missing? Dark Souls 2 and The Witcher 3 are among the only games I am looking forward to being released next year, so seeing this discussion topic right here is very attractive to me.

Are you sure you installed the latest version? Are you on Windows 8 too?

Kodaemon User 45 Sep 25,