After leaving Dietrichson’s body on the tracks, Phyllis and Walter leave together in her car. Login with Social Account: The dramatic lighting style that characterises film noir can be traced back to the German Expressionist films of the late s to the early s as many filmmakers who had been working in the German film industry came to Hollywood when the Nazis came to power. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But Barton Keyes, an insurance investigator and a friend of Neff’s, doesn’t believe that it was and he pursues the case, linking Phyllis with everyone but his friend. Walter is dismayed to find another passenger, Jackson, sitting on the deck, but when he leaves to get Walter a cigar, Walter jumps off the back of the train.

Nirdlinger about renewing his auto policy, he ends up talking to his client’s wife, Phyllis. Phyllis pretends to be bereaved and is genuinely shocked at Norton’s suggestion of suicide. Double Indemnity director Billy Wilder, an Austrian born scriptwriter with Jewish ancestry, was one of these filmmakers. It is hardly surprising that Double Indemnity is filled with some of the best examples of hardboiled language as two legends of hardboiled fiction contributed to the script. During this time, Keyes becomes convinced that Dietrichson was murdered, and sends for Jackson. Cain Crime novels Works originally published in Liberty —50 Novels first published in serial form American novels adapted into films.

This site uses cookies. Get Double Indemnity from Amazon. The representation of the femme fatale characters in film noir completely subverted the social norms of how women should behave. Phyllis admits to having fantasies of killing Dietrichson, but his life insurance beneficiary is his mature daughter Lola, who hates her. But when the paper hit the street, the T in tuck had been sparknofes to an F. Cain based the novella on a murder perpetrated by a married woman in Queens, New York, and her lover, whose trial he attended while working as a journalist in New York.


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Soon afterward, both start watching each other furtively with ever-growing fear of mutual betrayal. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This depiction of sexually assertive women proved to be very popular with female audiences at the time. Based on spaarknotes but difficult material hard to get by the Breen office the movie censors of the timeit took almost a decade just to get any studio to commit to filming Cain’s story.

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Walter walks out, intending to escape to the border, but collapses before he gets to the elevator. Cain later recalled this key innovation stemmed from a indenity he had years earlier with reporter Arthur Krock about Krock’s days at the Louisville Courier-Journal. After Phyllis uses a pre-arranged signal, Walter sits up from the back seat and strangles Dietrichson to death. With “nothing ahead of” them Cainp.

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While one can agree with Schickel, that the correctness of this decision is “indisputable” leading as it did to the fine ending chosen in its steadit is certainly an episode sparknotew would want to learn more about. Edit Double Indemnity Not a TCM Member? His attraction, however, doesn’t blind him to the fact that she wants to take out an accident insurance policy on her husband and then arrange an “accident” so lndemnity she can collect on the double indemnity insurance.

When Walter returns, Phyllis flirts with him, and he finds himself attracted to her. Please Sign In again, to make changes to your account.

But they cannot enjoy their success. One night, he tries to ambush her, but she forestalls him and shoots at himinstead. View the Lesson Plans. Admitting that she has never loved him, Phyllis now embraces him, and Walter shoots her twice, killing her.

As he leaves the house, Nino walks up, and Walter urges him to go to Lola, who truly loves him. Browse all Inemnity Study Guides. Please confirm or enter it below to complete your profile. Dietrichson never filed a claim for his broken leg, even though he had just purchased accident insurance, in addition to which, the train was going so slowly that suicide is unlikely.


It all started the previous May, when he stopped at a client’s home for a routine renewal incemnity and instead met the client’s wife, Phyllis Dietrichson.

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Your social account may not have provided your email to us. Interestingly, this depiction of sexually assertive women proved to be very popular with female audiences at the time. They used their sexuality to their advantage and often wielded considerable power over men.

Dietrichson breaks his leg just after the accident policy comes through, and the lovers are delayed in carrying out their plan. Phyllis and Walter begin to meet surreptitiously every morning in a local market. Therefore these sexually assertive women were very popular with female audiences because they so significantly defied the very restrictive traditional gender roles. There’s surprisingly little about the filming itself — a few titbits about clever or spur-of-the-moment ideas, indemnoty little more.

Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to Cinema Autopsy and receive notifications of new posts by email. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finally, they also develop plans to kill each other: Walter urges Phyllis not to indemnlty for the claim, which is now being withheld, as Keyes will oppose it, but she is determined to get the money, and insists that the murder was all his doing.

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