Meanwhile outside, after much scare, fear and hesitation, shashi pulls off the main switch. By Rimjhim Last updated Feb 24, Leave them alone ,they will do it when they are ready. Shashi thinks on her own, that he might convince all that they need, but she shall always be nice to tani, and keep herself in the good book of tani, so that she might benefit. Samrat vents out his frustration. Anirudh comes and asks them to hurry, and damini resignedly agrees. Urmi isnt unfazed, while samrat challenges her. Urmi signals him to speak.

Remember how badly samRat fooled Urmi before, pretending to love her when he needed her to take care of him after he got beat up badly? But she wakes up, and continues working. Later, in the night, after freshening up, tani excitedly talks about how tired she is, that she kept a fast for him. He isnt able to react, and is too stunned, while she sleeps. She decides to call ishaan, but he doesnt pick up, as she overhears sandhya and damini instigating their husbands to take some action. Shashi starts giving excuse of such short notice.

She is shocked that samrat never touched her feet, but did today and asked his wife also to do the same.

She puts him to sleep, while he wonders what a crazy woman she is, to do this for his doki love. He asks her not to dare have any troubles. As samrat asks him to show lavish jewellery, he comments on his financial status, as his earlier business got ruined.

He hugs diwaker put of pretentious care and affection. Anirudh gets genuinely tensed, but urmi pretends that this is a drama. She says that this is the maximum that she could manage. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She wonders what reason they shall give on not going to the honeymoon.


Damini tells fsb, that she doesnt love ishaan, and she knows that, but is boggled as wrktten why she married him then. Why does it bother them what they do romantically.

Doli Armaanon Ki 26th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Sign in Recover your password. Bhopal On the road, samrat stops to purchase water, keeping tani in the car, and makes a call to shashi. Ishaan gets the car ready that shall leave them to the airpot, and samrat keeps every step, with a heavy heart.

Shaurya is given much love and affection by everyone. Later, tani is in sweats, and tries to ward off mosquitoes, and gets irritated finding samrat in a deep sleep, snoring. Samrat wonders why its taking so long for shashi to get into action, as tani would otherwise sleep peacefully.

You are lacking some intelligence. He says that he is very happy with her. He asks her to go and sritten. In the evening, Damini is reminded by sandhya of the Pagphera ritual, when urmi comes tonight. But much to his surprise, tani begins to get all nice, saying that she can do this for him, after how he has sacrificed for her.

Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishaan and urmi down the stairs hear this and are tensed. She asks him to wait some more time before everyone is asleep, so as to safely move out, and sleep in another room.

If this was me I would have set them up. Urmi isnt unfazed, while samrat challenges her. They decide to share room.

Doli Armaanon Ki 24th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Before they can discuss any further, shaurya comes in gloating about his wonderful room. He says that this was the reason he didnt want her to come to jhansi, and is scared that she might catch Dengue.


Ishaan gives the excuse of work pressure, but anirudh points out the importance of quality time. They all start bantering happily with shaurya. Ishaan hesitates and says that if people get to know then it would be very unsettling. This is foolishness to the highest.

He pretends to have a fainting spell, and falls flat on the sofa. Ishaan emotionally complies yes. She tries to get him happy, saying that she would manage everything. They are not dogs and even dogs have a special time to endulge.

What can possibly be the reason of these dumb act. But she wakes up, and continues working. He asks her not to get too happy, as he is leaving, but wont leave her, and before holi, he shall return again, to spoil her holi, and poison her life.

She congratulates him dlli hie new life and new wife.

Welcome, Eoli to your account. Samrat asks him not to interfere in his life, as he isnt doing that to him. Anirudh presents them flight tickets for their honeymoon.

Some other couple come. Welcome, Login to your account.

Like 0 Dislike 0. He asks samrat about any new work, and tries to dig up the past.