Maithili’s parents have discovered the mix-up and the fact that Bhavri is masquerading as their daughter. They decide to remedy the situation together. Bhavri wakes up with the romantic Shaurya and assumes he is her husband Anadi. Anadi’s broken family grows attached to Maithili especially his mother, Maya, who says that Maithili is the source of good luck for the house. Set in Rajasthan , Do Saheliyaan focuses on the forbidden friendship between the daughter of a wealthy Rajput , Maithili, and a poor Rabari village girl, Bhavri. Kalindi marries Bhavri’s father and becomes her niece’s stepmother.

Maithili’s grandmother blames her and her friendship with a Rabari for her parents’ death. Anadi’s father is injured after getting into an accident. She drugs and tries to seduce him but without success. This section’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Meanwhile, Shaurya has asked Bhavri to go to his estranged family’s house; at the train station, she meets Anadi. The friends eventually reconcile. Use Indian English from May All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English Use dmy dates from May Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. Maithili now feels unwelcome in Shaurya’s home, and wants to return to her parents’ house; however, her grandmother makes it clear that she is not welcome there either.

This section’s plot rpisodes may be too long or excessively detailed. Kalindi marries Bhavri’s father and becomes her niece’s stepmother. The story begins with Bhavri and Maithili as young children. Meanwhile, Anadi brings Maithili to Shaurya’s home. This creates an uproar between the two castes.

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However, Anadi knows he cannot force Maithili to stay in his house, and she again searches for her husband. The girls have not seen the men whom they will wed. Anadi’s father is injured after getting into an accident.


By using this site, you agree to episodess Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She is introduced as Bhavri’s friend and tries to win her in-laws’ support. Slowly, Anadi and Maithili’s friendship turns into love and they get married.

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Plot [ edit kathputaliyaah. She is traumatized by her sister’s death and vows revenge on the Rajputs. She does not take her husband’s name since it is considered disrespectfuland Shaurya gives her a nickname; this continues the misunderstanding. Zee TV television series Indian drama television series Indian television soap operas Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings Television shows set in Rajasthan.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it kwthputaliyaan concise. However, mother and child survive. Bhavri then discovers she is pregnant; Shaurya’s family is comforted that he has left part of himself behind.

Bhavri’s mother Toral sees that Maithili’s life is in katgputaliyaan, and runs into the massacre. When Anadi brings Maithili to his house, his family assumes that she is their daughter-in-law. She shows doctored photographs of them to Maithili, who stands by her husband, informing Bhavri that she too is pregnant.

Maithili and Anadi discover that Shaurya’s family members found out Bhavri’s true identity and threw her out of their home. Jodha Akbar Pavitra Rishta. Maithili runs into Anadi, and they search for their respective spouses in the wreckage.


Heartbroken, she tries to commit suicide; Anadi rescues her. They confront Shaurya, who invites them ji his house to find out what is going on. During Toral’s funeral, her younger sister Kalindi appears.

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Views Read Edit View history. Although they are best friends, they cannot be together because of the differences in their castes and economic backgrounds.

She realizes she consummated her marriage with the wrong man and feels she has sinned. Kalindi goes to Shaurya’s border camp, switching Maithili’s photograph with Bhavri’s in the hope that Shaurya would believe that his future in-laws were trying to deceive him.

This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Jathputaliyaan and Bhavri’s weddings are on the same day. He picks her up and takes her away. Shaurya frantically searches for his wife in the rubble and finds Bhavri the girl from the photograph unconscious.

Because of this, Maithili’s grandmother and Bhavri’s father wish to get the girls, married to keep them out of further trouble. Maithili gifts her friend an identical wedding dress to her own.

Maya promises that Maithili’s son will marry Bhavri’s daughter when the two children grow up. Bhavri poses as Maithili’s younger sister. Bhavri goes to Shaurya’s house and reconciles him with his parents.