Which Secrets Were… Oliver comes face to face with the shooter and has to make a life changing decision. When human bones are discovered in a ravine related to a fifteen-year-old case, Sam teams up with his old training officer, Charlie Walsh Al Sapienza , to solve the crime, only to realize that Charlie’s personal life isn’t what it seems and makes Sam rethink his career. They realize then that someone is out for revenge against 15 Division. I’m really bad at writing summaries, but I hope you guys enjoy Archived from the original PDF on September 21, The Witness by margie reviews When left to her own devices, Andy finds herself in trouble again.

She wanted a fresh start, and I think you have to wait a year to get divorced. Retrieved August 2, Kevin Ford, a pedophile, is found beaten up inside his house. Traci works her first homicide case with Detective Steve Peck, that originated as a routine marijuana bust, that has Andy, Nick and Gail, working overtime on the murder case. Is that going to continue? This is my version of what takes place later on in Season 3. Andy is in a violent relationship and reaches her breaking point while Sam does all he can to help her, but is it enough?

The Verdict Is In — Plus: Will Andy and Dov’s combined bad luck take it’s toll on an already volatile situation?

Naturally the diner they were in was being held up, with them trapped inside. Are things a little bit tighter and more worrisome for the cops this year? They seem to be connected on both a personal and professional level.

Andy is in a violent relationship and reaches her breaking point while Sam does all he can to help her, but is it enough? Frank and Noelle’s wedding has arrived and togther at 15 Division is celebrating. Has anyone else noticed that? Obviously, our main characters are the new guard of policing. Usually, it would be easy to manage something like that because we come in a couple of months after a im finale.


Retrieved May 31, What would you like to see happen to Chris this season? Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of the season opener?

Archived from the original PDF on September 21, Recently separated Oliver has a new cabin and he invites Sam, Chris and Dov for a weekend of male bonding. Retrieved August 9, Priscilla Faia and Rachael Ancheril joined the main cast, whilst former main cast member Melanie Nicholls-King returned as a recurring guest star.

Retrieved August 2, Swarek, Oliver and Chris track a gunman who shot a sixteen-year-old boy and who might have gang connections and Swarek has to convince him that revenge isn’t the answer. This was the first season not to feature Noam Jenkinsand the last to feature Lyriq Bent amongst the main cast. Season 5 kicked off in the aftermath of the shooting where everyone seemed to be dealing with their own version of physical and emotional torment.

‘Rookie Blue’ Season 5 Spoilers — Andy/Sam, Nick’s New Love Interest? | TVLine

Set in S3, Sam and Andy are still together. While everyone is searching for baby Christian, Diaz discovers a secret that might tear his family apart for good and Mcnalyl finds out about Nick and Andy’s new relationship. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? May 23 In between everything Sarah comes to visit. Retrieved 31 May But for some reason she just can’t get everything Sam has said and done out of her head.

Rookie Blue recap: Blink

Especially not over rookies xnd blew his eight months of undercover work on their first day. But this is a very different kind of romance for Gail, so what kind of challenges are they going to experience? Fox Drama Opts to ‘Remove’ Embattled… Contains all the characters you see in the episodes.


A collection of a bunch of McSwarek fics for all those who can’t get enough of Sam and Andy. It wouldn’t be McSwarek fabulousness without a bit of drama!

His first order of business was to hold Frank responsible for the shooting, and take his badge. I thank the creators of Rookie Blue for letting us “borrow” their characters.

They had never been happier and they came back to work on top of the world. All Updated within 24 hours Updated within 1 week Updated within 1 month Updated within 6 months Updated within 1 Year – Published within 24 hours Published within 1 week Published within 1 month Published within 6 months Published within 1 Year Genre: After the explosion at the station, she and Sam retreated to Oliver’s fishing cabin for three glorious weeks. Retrieved March 24, So, we’re back to the very beginning.

Retrieved September 20, But she was able to make it back to the hospital in time to tell Nick that she still loved Sam booooo!

Archived from the original PDF on September 3, Noelle was so sarcastically witty and kicked ass while Frank has been the father figure of 15 Division.

Placebo by Kezzaz83 reviews Andy needed Sam’s help – and something horrible happens. I need to cut it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The biggest surprise for Andy is that Sam has now been promoted to detective and has a new love interest.