V komnate pustoy 3. It is clear that the song, which already had been released by another performer, prior to the date of Belarus pre-selection concert, is breaking this rule. A Day Without War He was the least popular of three acts of the professional judges but won due to the public vote. Predstavlyaem Vashemu vnimaniyu dolgozhdannyy sbornik samoy zazhigatelnoy muzyki. This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs ; the patronymic is Aleksandrovich and the family name is Koldun. This would be the third time Koldun would become actively involved in the Eurovision Song Contest.

dmitriy koldun nichego

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Both are prohibited by “Eurovision Song Contest ” regulations that do not allow competing songs to be publicly performed before 1 October The Russian opera depicts Murrieta as a hero who has to prove his innocence despite his ” Wanted ” status. Koldun says translated from Russian: Archived from the original on 27 April Na etot raz pravo nazyvatsya This would be the third time Koldun would become actively involved in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Koldun puts these ‘mutations’ down to the Chernobyl disaster which left long-lasting, radiating effects across many of the Eastern European countries and notably MinskBelarus — Koldun’s birthplace. After its selection, Dmitry Koldun and his song were caught up in a conflict between Belarus television and his Russian management company which at one stage looked like the lyrics of the song would have to be changed, however the problem was resolved.


Pochemu (Почему) (English translation)

While touring in IsraelKoldun expressed an interest in entering the Eurovision Song Contest in Dmitry Aleksandrovich Koldun Belarusian: This same rule is repeated in the “Eurofest” rules in following variant, paragraph 2. Disc contains 74 tracks in mp3 format.

V osnovnoy trek-list vpervye vklyucheny kompozitsii, avtorom teksta i muzyki kotoryh stal sam Koldun. Ne s toy 6. Song 1 Serebro InKoldun studied chemistry at the Belarusian State University as his aspirations changed to becoming a chemist as opposed to a doctor. Publika po dostoinstvu otsenila moshchnyy, mnogogrannyy vokal pevtsa i lichnuyu harizmu ispolnitelya. Retrieved 24 November Rating 10 out of 10 stars, based on 1 votes.

Luchshie pesni russkogo radio 17″ Out of stock. The entry as dnitriy copyright object must not have been released through the Internet or any other media”. Rules of Eurofest state: Koldun had written this song himself after his appearance in People’s Artist in Russia and after touring with the Belarus state orchestra. Lunev would then go on to produce Koldun’s debut album.


Dmitriy Koldun – Nichego(listen to the song, watch the music video)

Soyuz 49″ Out of stock. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Koldun signed a contract with the National Music Corporation and became the soloist of the reformed group K. V svoem vtorom nomernom albome “Nochnoy pilot” pevets otkroetsya slushatelyam s novoy storony. Ray Of Light – Feat. Retrieved 27 May V komnate pustoy 3.

dmitriy koldun nichego

Zvezdnye due’ty” Luchshee v tebe; A ty vse zhdesh; Uletayu Since being selected to represent Belarus at Eurovision, Dmitry Koldun has taken part in the biggest promotional tour dmitryi any Eurovision artist competing in Helsinki, visiting almost twenty countries performing his Eurovision entry. When pregnant with Koldun, Koldun’s mother had wished for a baby girl but instead gave birth to Dmitry.

dmitriy koldun nichego

V komnate dmittiy GMmusic Dance Version He did well in his chemistry course just as he had done with medical studies as he was said to be “enthusiastic”.