Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 12! Usually I always talk about the actors by the end of. Behroze shocks Ruhina by telling her about the marriage proposal which she rejects thinking that it is Agha Jaan’s planning for revenge. Arjumand tells Wali that she does not mind Faraah but cannot bear to see Ruhina at the haveli. Moeez takes Faraah to a restaurant to formally propose to her. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ohkay so, it was another one of those episodes that left me heavy hearted by the end.

Moeez confronst her mother for taking money from Ruhina. Zahra Mirza March 24, Wali hears Agha Jaan expressing his love for Faarah. Wali is told by the doctor that if certain problems persist, Agha Jaan could die within one year. Wali finds Faraah sleeping in his room and leaves without waking her up. Archived from the original on 17 April Colors score late night onTuesday”. She run anxiously to the haveli and mistakenly sleeps in Wali’s room thinking it to be Agha Jaan’s room.

Diyar E Dil Episode 11 Full HUM TV Drama 26 May 2015

Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 18! Ruhina gets pregnant, and tells Behroze the news. When Arjumand questions Wali about bringing Faraah to the haveli, he explains that he has taken this decision for the sake of Agha Jaan’s health.

Arjumand gives birth to their son, who they name Wali Suhaib Khan. Retrieved 4 August Behroze explains that he doesn’t want to marry Arjumand as he loves Ruhina, his classmate and he never accepted this engagement. Diyarr angrily leaves the house and moves to Karachi. This is something I feel makes this drama unique in its own way because all the.


Hum TV rules Tuesday Behram tells Agha Jaan what happened at Behroze’s funeral. Retrieved 30 September Suhaib and Arjumand prepare to leave for Islamabad. Behroze convinces Arjumand and Wali as well.

Faraah leaves without hearing Wali’s announcement under cover of darkness.

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Zahra Mirza August 18, Arjumand and Suhaib and Behroze and Ruhina get married. Retrieved 18 April They will continue to remain friends after their divorce. Hum TV tops Tajamul acknowledges his mistakes to Ruhina and asks for forgiveness. Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 08! Suhaib tries to help Behroze financially and asks Gul Khan to keep an eye on them.

Dayar E Dil Episode 11 Full on HUM TV Drama – 26 May 2015

Retrieved 25 September Diyar-e-Dil 26rh on the issue of split family with broken relations. Wali sees this and warns Faraah that he would not divorce her.

Hum TV climbs back up on Tuesday”. Agha Jaan requests permission to take Behroze’s body back to the haveli. Faraah admits to Wali that she does fiyar want a divorce anymore.

Diyar E Dil Episode 11 Full HUM TV Drama 26 May – video dailymotion

Retrieved 5 August Ruhina asks episodd brother Tajamul to allow her and Behroze to get married. Wali calls Faraah and asks her to contact Behroze. Arjumand tells Wali that she does not mind Faraah but cannot bear to see Ruhina at the haveli.


I absolutely love the events that are unfolding in Diyar-e-Dil. Ruhina amy and blames herself. Retrieved 26 November Agha Jan asked Faarah to take him on area of the haveli built for her and Ruhina. Retrieved 2 July She assumes that he is trying to arrange for the divorce papers after overhearing Wali’s conversation. Ruhina asks Faarah to refuse to marry Wali, but Faarah reluctantly marries Wali despite her objection.

Star Plus stays high on Tuesday”. Zahra Mirza October 13, Zahra Mirza August 11, Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 19 admin July 21, Moeez fails to manipulate Farah, who says that her Agha Jaan is more important to her than Moeez.

Zahra Mirza June 9, Meanwhile, Agha Jaan sends Wali to Lahore to open a joint account.

Retrieved 9 Rpisode Star Plus’ early evening ratings grow”. Wali however tells her that he doesn’t want her to stay because to Agha Jaan, but rather that she would want to be with him.

Agha Jaan is reluctant but agrees in accordance to Suhaib’s last wish.