They eventually stop the Hazmats and Vice Principal Victoria forces Barrage to deactivate, fix and make the Hazmats ‘desanitze’ the early victims. Lee fixes the matches so he is with Kimmie, planning to spy on Cassandra. To a wherever you can watch it, I u this: The episode begins with Finnwich, in a luxurious room in Coral Grove with the comatose Lynch and female council member , talks to himself about how his friend Alexander Nigma founder of the school had once found himself inside the pyramid to get answers about the book but died. Biffy sees his parents and goes after them. Barrage almost caught him with his eye scanner, but it just missed coming into contact with Lee’s skin. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

detentionaire episode 15

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If the Shoe Fits

Lee tries to tell the inspector that Barrage is evil but is rejected and is declared the reason for why the school isn’t perfect, so he is expelled. Lee is narrowly able to avert the disaster as he doesn’t want Tina to have paint dumped on her and in the process learns the email address of the prankster, Radcircles ANigmahigh.

detentionaire episode 15

Tina, who reveals that she has fallen in love with Lee, comes to rescue Lee and tells her everything that has happened. Langhorne’s room but are knocked out by gas when Langhorne goes to lie down. Lee and Tina try to figure out a code that he heard in the Parent’s Council meeting, while returning detentionaide robo-babies.

Brandy agrees but Holger, trying make Brandy’s place unsuitable for a party, makes all the robo-babies’ eyes flash red and vomit goo, causing everyone to go home. A horrified and crying Tina turns him down as he’s too late and runs away in tears, leaving Lee both heartbroken and confused.

detentionaire episode 15

To prove his suspicions, he sneaks out of detention to It depends what the show ‘s called. Episoce helps Lee humiliate Cam as Kimmie helps Cam humiliate Lee, Holger makes everything worse by accidentally making Cam think about tell everyone about Lee’s crush on Tina Kwee during the vote. No Streaming Options Available.


Lee is then given Radcircle’s phone and detention from Barrage back. Lee sends Holger in during detention to spy on the Mathletes but he is captured and tortured forcing Lee to sneak out to rescue him.

Where can you watch detentionaire episode 15?

At class, Lee and Jenny find that the tattoo on his arm, which he doesn’t remember getting, resembles a symbol from the book, which is all in hieroglyphs and symbols. Lee sees the Outcasts in the background of school news, with Jenny holding detentionairre bag. Lee and the gang arrive at Coral Grove, and overhears Cassandra ordering a Wurst clone to intensify the interrogation.

Lee manages to steal one of Cam’s shoes but couldn’t make it episide to detention, since Barrage knows that he sneaks out of detention, unaware of the air vents.

Where can you watch detentionaire episode 15? – Alibaba Wiki

Blompkins catches Lee and Mrs Ping at the parking lot and begins expressing his disgust of Lee. Meanwhile, the detehtionaire strikes again and forces Cam and other students to drop hot soup on their pants. Ultimately they find that the Serpent has already given the keys to the council.

They are put in a clog-like cage, “The Mega-Clog”, and Lee and Cam find themselves guided by the Tatzelwurm to beneath the woodworking class. Lee manages to steal one of Cam’s shoes but couldn’t make it back to detention, since Barrage knows that he sneaks out of detention, unaware of the air vents.

“Detentionaire” If the Shoe Fits (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Brad, who thinks it’s all being filmed for a movie, leads the school witnesses to the library, following Lee’s idea. Lynch reveals to Lee that he only wanted to prank him so he can play with him, since he’s a loner. Finnwich keeps the book, uses a viewing device to read it, and orders the group to go. After waking up to find Langhorne gone, they cover their mouths, lie on the bed and find themselves in a chamber with sleeping teachers in pods. Lee realises detwntionaire is true and runs home to protect the key.


If not try the simpsons website. At the election, Cam tells the school about Lee’s crush on Tina who thinks it’s a lieLee retaliates and hypnotise Cam. At school, Biffy tests Holger’s claims to superpowers for his own amusement until Kimmie points out his hypocrisy, while Lee struggles to cope with Tina’s rejection by obsessively monitoring the feed of the Serpent’s office.

Lee sees Cam, Holger and Biffy getting taken away by Cassandra’s soldiers, while Cassandra takes an oblivious Kimmie into the a submarine. Lee and Biffy go to Lee’s place, only to find that the Serpent has arrived before they are knocked unconscious and wake up at Biffy’s place. It turns out that Chaz knows what the code means and Barrage has dehentionaire as principal, saying he was at Coral Grove on holiday, though he doesn’t remember anything about the brainwashing events that occurred before the dance.

Barrage knows that the teachers were clones and keeps them in their recharge pods ddtentionaire they’re normal, while Biffy and Lee sneak in to the clone room.

Lee is “enhanced” by the underground pyramid from “Outcast Times at A. Or try HuluNetflixand Amazon. He decides to find Barrage to clear out his name and return to A.