In response to the people’s wish for salvation and the light of the stone, Rayquaza underwent a change: A long scene will play out. As the player ascends the tower, she will tell the story of the Draconids’ history, which is also enshrined in a mural covering the entire back wall of the tower. Rayquaza will join the player’s party upon catching it. Wallace will break the seal for you, then challenge you to a Pokemon battle. After defeating Zinnia , she will give you the Meteorite Shard you originally came here for. With that taken care of, exit out of the base and fly back to the Space Center in Mossdeep City. Zinnia offers herself before the altar and Rayquaza descends in response to her call.

They devised a plan to prevent this calamity: You’ll begin this story in Littleroot Town. When the player approaches, Wally insists that he doesn’t have the Key Stone. Remember, the base is located on the east beach of Lilycove City. After the player captures Rayquaza, Zinnia will teach it Dragon Ascent and challenges the player to a battle so that the player can learn to use Rayquaza’s power, her final duty as the last Lorekeeper of the Draconids. When Rayquaza shatters the meteoroid, however, a triangular object emerges from the middle of the debris. However, Norman reveals that he must be at the Gym that day.

When you arrive in Petalburg, head over to Wally ‘s house in the northwest. The Draconid people are tasked with passing down the knowledge and story of Mega Evolution, which started with Rayquaza.

Appendix:Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire walkthrough

A simple example is Surf. As the player progresses through the base, other Grunts will battle the player, once again on alert after Zinnia’s intrusion. Before he will allow the player to enter, however, he asks the player to prove that they have the power to confront what lies ahead and challenges them to a battle.

The impact cracked the lands, causing a great upswell of natural energy which once again woke Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon, threatening further disasters. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. He tells the player to meet him at the Devon Corporation in Rustboro City. She reveals that this painting, showing Primal Reversion, was made by her ancestors, and alludes to another painting showing Mega Evolution.


When Rayquaza shatters the meteoroid, however, a triangular object emerges from the middle of the debris.

In response to this wish, Rayquaza’s body would become suffused with light and it would transform, gaining even greater power.

Remember, the base walkhtrough located on the east beach of Lilycove City. Take the first ladder in the back room, follow the path to the northwest to another ladder, and then climb up the staircases to reach the highest point of Meteor Falls.

Walk towards Zinnia to hear the next chapter.

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She will then challenge you to a Pokemon battle! Before she leaves, Zinnia invites the player to follow her to the Sky Pillar. The people then prayed that Rayquaza would appear again to save them as it had before, and epixode huge meteorite that had bored out Sootopolis shone as if it were a huge Key Stone, and Rayquaza descended. Steven meets the player outside of the Devon Corporation. Unable to tolerate the chance that a helpless world might epiosde put in danger just to save their own, Zinnia crushes the dimensional shifter.

Rayquaza springs forth and swallows the Meteorite, giving it the power to Mega Evolve again. Zinnia will teach this Pokemon a brand new attack called Dragon Ascent. Just inside the entrance to the tower of the Sky Pillar, the player will find Zinnia waiting for them.

Arriving at the conclusion that the Meteorites in Rayquaza’s own body have lost too much power over the years, Zinnia despairs, until suddenly the player’s Meteorite begins to glow like a Mega Stone. The end of the credits sequence teases the Delta Episode, with the player’s mother and Norman discussing the Litleonid meteor shower and their plans to watch it at the Mossdeep Space Center. Once that’s done with, fly back to Rustboro.

When you’re ready to go, travel to Sky Pillar. Steven and Professor Cozmo are dismayed at being robbed of their only hope, but Zinnia claims that she will be able walkthroguh protect both worlds. She will challenge you to a Pokemon battle. This tower is located on the north side of Route Epissode they wonder what to do with their tickets, a mysterious symbol takes over the screen and then fades into “To Be Continued.


After the battle, Zinnia gives the player a Meteorite Shard, but before leaving, she pauses to question the player about their motives and what walkthruogh really know of the truth.

Devon developed that energy source into Infinity Energy. This is the end of Zinnia’s tale, and the player next finds her on the top of the tower before the Dragonhark altar, gazing up at the night sky. After Zinnia leaves, Professor Cozmo continues, explaining that creating the warp hole will actually require a second, purer Meteorite Shard, which can only be found at Meteor Falls. After the epizode, you will fly towards the incoming meteoroid on the back of Rayquaza.

A long scene will play out.

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Fly over to Rustboro City and walk over to the Devon Corporation. Like Groudon and Kyogrecapturing this legend won’t be as tough as some of the other legends hidden around Hoenn.

If you’re playing Alpha Sapphire, you’ll obtain the Sharpedonite. Steven and an old woman will have a long conversation. Don’t worry, there are hidoeut more quests to do in the Post Game! Language Title Mandarin Chinese. Zinnia then appears as well and claims that, while the dimensional shifter may indeed be their planet’s best hope for being saved, it could also be an equally terrible tragedy for another planet.

Delta Episode Unlock Last Edited: Turning away from the painting, Zinnia eagerly presses the player for a battle. They will tell you someone stole their Key Stone!

Delta Episode

Wallace will break the seal for you, then challenge you to a Pokemon battle. Find Steven at the very top of Meteor Falls. She then says she has everything she needs to summon Rayquaza. After the battle, walk up to the second floor. Continue towards Zinnia to hear the next chapter.

He believes they will head for the Mossdeep Hdieout Center next, where he also believes Steven is.

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