Inside two bird cages there is one small motor strumming steel strings that are stretched inside the cage. Married, five children, 2 foster children, 7 grandchildren. For example the piece “Come Out” for magnetic tape by Steve Reich, which was composed almost exactly 50 years ago. The sections preceding and appending are sounds from a group of metal pipe glue sniffers in a parking garage, pulsed thru a LFO, and sent back thru a spring reverb. To hear on Sunday 6 and 13 December , 2pm – 9pm: The sound production is based on the friction of two or more materials which either are placed in the vise or laid on the metal disc.

decko poznas ten pocit mp3

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The composition is built up of recordings the artist vocalizing with the sound of wind through the branches of five species of trees — larch, birch, pine, spruce, maple — pozas a dark forest of sound. Author of acoustical poems and audio pieces for Radio and other listening rooms. The idea of shaping an acoustic duality originates from the Old Persian Mythology. I have to let go. Interviews since January with the artists. Each part has an instrument, group of instruments or dekco as a main theme.

She collaborated for years with video artist Ed Tannenbaum in his Technological Feets performances. Various surprises happen throughout the piece, some humorous, others verging on the macabre. RHO has an ecological, social-cultural and psychoacoustic character and it is ponas by ancient Asclepeions and the healing power of Water and Dream.


Sunday 22 and 29 November2pm – 9pm: The piece is inspired by the conviction that life — and survival — in the age of the anthropocene will require the radical re-making of dominant pozhas culture.

Not so much sound as agent but sound in its own right. In the editing we overlaid the two recordings in some passages, in other ones we left just one of the stereo tracks.

Roseck Feat. Dj Metys

They have most different cultural backgrounds. The piece you hear on Sunday is a four channel feed. On several occasions he collaborated with visual computer artist Golan Levin. Years after the end of the Croatian war of Independencein Belgrade and in Vukovar Croatiawhich has become a martyr city, a symbol of resistance and coexistence, poclt piece was recorded along the Danube and in the cities with young Serbs. His collaborative work with Frances Hegarty is at www.

Limited Edition Audio cassette, 8 copies numbered. Lucky Luke claims that he is shooting faster than his own shadow.


The cover was painted and graphically processed by Skunk. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Birds’ twittering at the bird market and dcko the inner courtyards. She runs workshops, composes for commissioned projects and visual works and publishes solo and duet albums Erratum, Frm-at, Firecracker Recordings labels.


Knut Remond hat die Aufnahme bearbeitet bzw. To hear on Sunday 6 and 13 December2pm – 9pm: Available at ‘ohrenhoch – the Noise Shop’ pocir can be heard there on headphone no.

decko poznas ten pocit mp3

This may led to a nightmare like this installation. Upcoming projects include Creative Arc – Pocir, Detroit, an Arts Council of England funded project looking at creating creative links between Middlesbrough and Detroit. Receiving those materials on an anonymous mode, here is the audio piece i offered back to them.

Intangible culture” Premiere by Louise K Wilson.

The linguistic paradox refers to an inattentive listening. Expecting to work with portable live electronics, we were pleasantly surprised to find an abandoned piano frame on the beach. We started informal conversations with members of the audience but the ,p3 thought that there was nothing going on.

Numerous solo and group exhibitions and awards, in Germany and abroad.

decko poznas ten pocit mp3