I can only start watching at 7am. No, you get a completely different image in your head, if you get what I mean. Thank you all for sharing pictures of Nico Daikaigi! Roka Spambot Xtreme Singing Alias: This song fully exploited the beautiful voice profiles from both Clear and Nero. Kurii Talkative Singing Alias:

dasoku ren 1122

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Who in the world is “Murasame”?

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I’ve been searching for pictures of maskless clear for a long time! Thread Reply to this.

From the audience From that from a singer i don’t know but she was poking at the camera, so it was blurry, but it’s awesome nonetheless. I loved Michamu’s version purely due to the combination of their vocals.

Clear was talking dasokk Pokota put his head on his shoulder, then Clear faced him and kissed him on the lips lol.

Realオタク☆: √5 Dasoku Profile

Featured contents list here. The melody and composition are very sad. Kurii Talkative Singing Alias: Each version had a slightly different profile, but I’ll use Asamack’s version as a point of comparison. The high parts are just adorable with Amu’s range, and the verses sound just as good, playing on Amu’s slightly nasal tone vasoku the lower end of his range.


Jacket art is by nagimiso.

dasoku ren 1122

Murasame- Mitainana is adorable! Due to some mishaps, it may or may not be release.

dasoku ren 1122

But I could be dasou since this is my first time listening to this song. It happened to fast so I couldn’t cap it. The dance group Zombies I come with some pics of Kettaro from his live yesterday night in my time lol. Contains songs and drama tracks. Kettaro Miichan Miichan, Kettaro and Rapbeat’s shoulder! The harmony was much, much better between them, since Amu and Miichan’s vocals are essentially very different, so they accentuate each other’s den when they harmonize.

Dasoku – generasia

Like in his version of Ophelia, Dasoku somehow managed to make this song sound more soulful than I had initially expected this to be.

Nata chips in for chorus and voicing for some of the songs. Where’s Yamai while Usa’s here?!

Clear’s vocals came through more dasokk, but Nero’s vocals added substance to the song, since if Clear sang this rej, I get the feeling that the whole song might just float off. Where you can only see a few parts For all the Clear fangirls out here.


With this song, it sounded as though he injected a very personal touch and really meant the lyrics of this song, which is really Roka Spambot Xtreme Singing Alias: I love how the album fully used the “married vocal couples” for all the duets, and I think the vocal profiles of Amu and Miichan for this song are well-suited. Add Gero’s heartbreaking voice 11122 that. I also noticed the extra lyrics at the end, which wasn’t present in the Clear x Miichan version.

Nico Nico Singer (Nico Nico Douga) #1675029

Here are more pictures of che: I can only start watching at 7am. A refreshing change from Dasoku’s breathy eroi version. Let me sort them all out first Personally, when you listen to the lyrics when Dasoku and Ren sing, you definitely don’t get the pet image.