With unarguably one of the most famous dialog delivery, by Sunny Deol, Damini is Bollywood’s best outcome of the 90s about social subjects. The main story focuses on Rishi Kapoor and Meenaxi, it has a strong plot of a women standing against others to prove justice. The length is quite OK and the production value is high. Kumar Sanu , Alka Yagnik. The story is about the strength of a traditional Indian woman against her society and her culture. First things first, a great movie.

Damini is portrayed as a mentally unstable person and confined in a mental institution for two weeks by a judicial order. This article is about the film. Govind is more than a match for Rakesh and his friends and scares them off. During Holi, Damini comes across her brother-in-law, Rakesh, and his four friends trying to forcefully apply colours to Urmi. A must watch movie, if you watch movies very closely for their depth and reality. A movie like this is really thought-provoking and meaningful. This is one of his greatest performances. They get married and Damini moves into his luxurious bungalow.

Really a movie to be remembered forever. The main story focuses on Rishi Kapoor and Meenaxi, it has a strong plot of a women standing against others to prove justice.

She barely manages to escape and runs being into a down-and-out alcoholic lawyer by the name of Govind Sunny Deol while being pursued by Rakesh and his friends. At her new home, Damini befriends the house help, Urmi.

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Meenakshi’s good as the protagonist. She stands for the truth and believes, as Gandhiji did, that the court of conscience is greater. In a scene in which Damini visits Urmi in the hospital, the press are interrogating Urmi and her grandfather in an intrusive and insensitive manner.

Sadly this movie has been not awarded National Award for Best feature film in India. RevathiJayaramPrabhu.


The reality in Indian courts is also that they often do not convict people for perjury. All who watched this film knew that the best actress trophy belonged to no one else inbut her. However, the courtroom sequences tend to be a little too dramatic. She does so, and is instantly shunned by the Gupta family, and asked to leave the house. He smashes a hole in the door of the room and the two clearly witness the rape.

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Do more Indians have access to electricity? All the supporting cast were wonderful.

Amazingly scripted and aptly executed, Damini shocks you with its unpredictable proceedings and its disturbing and brutally honest portrayal of rape, injustice and social ignorance, without overdoing any scene in this regard. The movie is about how one day Damini sees her brother-in-law and his friends raping the servant-maid who works at their home. This is known as a warrant.

The theatricals in the court-room are the only unreal thing shown in the movie because nowhere in India and the world toosuch kind of rhetoric and shouting is allowed by the judges. Shekhar’s brother and co dump Urmi’s ravaged body in the gutter.

In fact, he has been underutilized even in this movie. The driver and another person see the four men shoving Urmi into a car, which they later abandon somewhere. Sunny’s best as a prosecution lawyer,Amrish is tooo good as the villain. However, for more serious crimes, the police can arrest without taking permission from the magistrate. Its main goal, however, is not to portray the society as bad or unfair, but to show the power of one, and in this case, the power of one simple yet strong woman who has nothing but her truth, and who is ready to face the entire world if necessary to go with this very truth.


There are other flaws too like Sunny’s one man army which does tend to get a bit too much Direction by RKS is good Music by Nadeem Shravan is awesome, most songs sung by Kumar Sanu Gawah Hai and Jabse are the best ones Rishi Kapoor looks overweight but does his job well Meenaxi is superb in her role, and proves that she can deliver the goods, rumours has it that she stopped working in films post this after she didn’t get the best actress award that year and it went to Juhi for Hum Hai Raahi Pyaar Ke.

Some of his scenes are unbelieveable. Chadha speaks eloquently, articulating his argument significantly better than the public prosecutor, who barely manages to make a coherent argument.

Technically the movie is A class. One of Sunny Deol’s best roles ever, I am full of praise for this movie. In Damini’s relentless quest for justice, Govind also gets a purpose for living. If more Indians watch this, crime and corruption would go down. Damini who is trying to adjust herself to the hostile environment in the family is stunned to see the maid being raped by her brother-in-law and his friends. I have lost all respect for Filmfare ever since!

The four men see Damini and Shekhar and decide to take Urmi somewhere else. Director Rajkumar Santoshi combined a socially relevant subject with commercial ingredients to deliver one of the best films of the year.

There are a couple of dodgy damni, but nothing too powerful. This article is about the film.