Accelerated graphics port multiple entry gart cache allocation system and method. This configuration information includes technology type and sign size. A still further object of the invention is to provide a remote electronic sign controller having the ability to combine a selected input from a variety of video inputs and data inputs, combine the selected inputs into a single composite digital signal for transmission to a remote sign location and transmit the single composite signal video to a remote sign over a high speed fiber optic cable where the signal is received, buffered and distributed to the individual display elements of the electronic sign. When the system powers up, the dual line controller retrieves the calibration information from the module and stores it. The process of claim 9, wherein the information is displayed as an incandescent display. The process of claim 3, wherein the second data signal is received by the modules as an RS or TTL signal.

daktronics venus 7000 software

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The process of claim 23, 0700 the configuration information includes information concerning technology type present in the display modules.

Further information relating to the elements of the system is provided in the following descriptions thereof. The dual line controller or line controller is the only technology dependent component in the VMAX3 system. In some cases it may include the combination of several line controllers with a column director.


The process of claim 3, wherein the at least one column director is one of a plurality of column directors, and wherein each additional column director of the plurality is in communication with a corresponding additional at least one additional line controller. Transmit Data Frames—a special frame that allows the operator to enter text or bit data to be transmitted across a serial port or pipe.

Configurable led matrix display. It must be used in conjunction with the eaktronics distributor receiver board which is typically located vvenus the display.

daktronics venus 7000 software

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Another object of the invention is to provide a remote electronic sign controller including a personal computer. The process of claim 3, wherein the second data signal is received by the modules as an RS or TTL signal.


Other suitable signal sources may be connected to the remaining video input lines, and to provide data to be displayed on a selected one of signs 40 a – 40 n. The process of claim 12, wherein the information is displayed ddaktronics an RGB display. This information is intended to be received by the data distributor in the sign.

United States Patent Automated flat panel display control system for accomodating broad range of video types and formats. This information is used to help the dual line controller drive the modules daktronnics a way that gives the display a nice consistent appearance.

The dual line controller resets and the column director OUT port becomes inactive, the new data frame is displayed and the input function prepares to ssoftware the next data frame.

Daktronics DakStats/Stat Crew & Venus 7000 User Manual

Daktronics typically provides modules to allow an operator to interactively send images directly to the display or configure a schedule that changes the display images over time. Still another object of the invention is to provide a remote electronic sign controller having the ability to select from a variety of video inputs and transmit the selected video input in digital form to a remote sign.

The card receives data through the PCI bus from software, such as the Venusand organizes it to send it out on a high speed serial line. The VMAX3 transmitter card was developed by Daktronics to provide a means of transmitting large volumes of data from a control computer to the sign.

Daktronics anticipates that different frame types will be added in the future.

Daktronics DakStats/Stat Crew & Venus User Manual | 5 pages

Contains a special vennus that tells the sign service to retrieve data from the correct external source and format the information for display.

When a column director latch is decoded, it triggers the output control softwade. Dual purpose apparatus, method and system for accelerated graphics port and fibre channel arbitrated loop interfaces.

This data stream is the method to transmit all the data from the data distributor out to all the appropriate locations in the sign.

daktronics venus 7000 software

These signal lines are transmitted over a twisted pair in the cable as a RS signal. Assembles all of the chunks of the current frame and assembles the bitmap that will be transmitted to the sign. This data is output as a VMAX3 fiber optic output. The output card generates an encoded clock signal which includes the following signals: The prior art systems did not always provide for the combination of live video, graphics, animation, real time data, information such as sports statistics, text information, or such features as instant replay.


It is an object of the invention to provide an improved remote controller for an electronic sign.

The process of claim 3, wherein the communications link between the at least one column director and the at least one line controller utilizes an RS signal.

The video link controller, preferably implemented by a programmed personal computer and several special purpose cards, includes a control program executed on the personal computer, saktronics video interface card having, for example, provisions for three composite video inputs and two S-video inputs, which may selected, processed and converted to digital form by a dedicated video processor, and sent, over a fiber optic cable, to the transmitter link control card, where the selected video signal may be combined with digital signals representing text, graphics, and other digital data signals provided from the personal computer, or other suitable source, over an RS interface line, where it is buffered prior to high speed optical transmission to the data receiver and distributor located in, or at the site of, the controlled sign.

The process of claim 3, wherein the at least one line controller is one of a plurality of line controllers, and wherein each additional line controller of the plurality of line controllers is in communication with a corresponding additional plurality of display modules.

Field of the Invention This invention relates to a remote control system for venuus electrically controlled sign.