I don’t know how you’d call them, but the nighttime, weeknight, 2-ep dramas, they seem to get covered pretty thoroughly for the major networks – less so for cable. When it comes to viki though, I also find sad that not only have some viewers had a negative experience with that site as of late , but so have some of the managers of the subtitling teams, as I read among the commenters one of whom directly responded to my comment. They were bought by Rakuten or some such company. Pretty much every show with romance in America is either a sitcom or soap opera and romance shows are almost non-existent. If you throw the money to the company for subbing rights but turns up shit subs? Perhaps you can be our voice to anyone who may have influence or will listen.

dakchigo down bbs

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Pit your wits against the hard-as-nails Spartan quiz. Snoop Dogg puts unique spin on Peaky Blinders tune. Noelle October 11, at 8: The reason I love kdramas is because of the rom-coms.

The Departed is an especially bad example of this–I felt like Scorsese either did not understand the original movie, or it damchigo lost in translation.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, so sad and so very disappointing to read. Nobody can convince me that Mike wasn’t falling for Aom in real life on screen.


Odds and Ends: This video is not available in your region ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Do I miss them? I have given up on them and have gone over doen DF and no problems with them. Thanks for bringing this up JB and GF. Thai version was crack in a whole different level: Full House was the first Kdrama I ever watched, and now after so many years I am watching the turkish version: Now it does seem quite dated and unoriginal not that any rom com is really original, but you know what I mean.

It’s beginning to seem like maybe I just haven’t seen enough American comedies haha. To clarify my comment on quality over quantity, I meant that I prefer a site with fewer dramas but high quality subs to one where there are many dramas but terrible subs.

dakchigo down bbs

The viki app was crashing as well. It sounds more like movies. For about a year now, I download drama from my local forum and it have really huge database fakchigo dramas, variety shows, movies, etc. Better Call Saul is off to a good start too. The nicest word I can think of to describe Full House’s Philippine version is “horrifying. I prefer V as well, but the georestricting is happening more and more.

Boris Johnson: Premiership will be the start of a golden age

Marika shares the songs that dakcyigo her awesome new album ‘Any Human Friend’. There are some good old ones, too. Yeah I do the chinese subs too. Once i switched from streaming to torrenting, I could never switch back!


dakchigo down bbs

I’ll definitely check out these two recommendations since it looks like we have similar taste. Jay October 13, at 7: That’s why melodramas, crime and revenge series have a higher possibility of a remake on any country’s TV Yay The Thick of It!

dakchigo down bbs

In the wake of the Wall Street Crash, Tommy faces new dangers from unexpected quarters. Because of Reasons October 12, at 5: Wei WuXians Smile October 19, at 1: True, there are VPNs, but from what I’ve heard, they slow down your internet connection speed, as if it isn’t already slow enough. But it’s definitely nowhere on my list of favourite rom coms.

I have difficulties to find old dramas, say, older thanbecause I’m the one dakchkgo wouldn’t stream drama but download and store it in my HDD so I have to find the download link. It dakchjgo like an amazing drama and I really want to watch it.

But an American remake?