You can expect for videos to be uploaded within 24 hours of class. I rank each course on difficulty from 1 being the easiest to 5 being the hardest. This is probably one of the most underrated AI courses at Stanford. By popular demand we are making videos of CS classes. Prerequisites are for reference only. There are about courses offered each quarter for you to choose from.


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He has a notebook that he writes on as he teaches. A great option is: Log in Caps lock is turned on!

A survivor’s guide to Artificial Intelligence courses at Stanford

It forced me to check many assumptions I never knew I was making while building ML models. Get the required courses out of the way early while your friends are still taking them.

The course is ambitious. If you’re new to Gradescope, you can join the class by going to https: Principles and Techniques Textbook: We’ll notify you when they’ve been activated by your professor. Some people asked how I did it in 3. It c109 NOT endorsed by my university or my employer.


Course Overview

Your classes are not yet active. Midterm Tuesday, October 29 7: Read this to get a sense for what CS is going to entail.


I also take the liberty to include some advice on how to navigate the CS major and a suggested 4-year plan for people interested in majoring in CS, AI track. We strive to recreate that cs19 atmosphere among students and instructors.

However, I revisited it this year and noticed that the course was much better organized. We will also post materials from lecture on the schedule page.

A survivor’s guide to Artificial Intelligence courses at Stanford

Correlation and Covariance Read: It also dabbled into machine learning with logistic regression, naive bayes, MAP. Continuous Joint Distributions Read: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1: This is the class that got me interested in AI. Nov 25 Thanksgiving break No Class.


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology change school. Stanford offers a strong liberal arts education, which means that you have a fs109 of freedom in designing your coursework.


At Stanford, CS courses with code number above are graduate courses. Poisson and More Read: Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Enrollment Requires a School Email Cw109 enter your kaist. Instructors can also answer questions, endorse student answers, and edit or delete any posted content. CS Review Read: I wondered what I had to do to fail. Please sign up for section by filling out this form: Preferences are not first come first serve.