This mod will allow you to make some changes to the XMB of your 3. There were a lot of devs who worked on this and they should all be thanked including IcEmAn, raxxus, Cr4zY95, RazorX and Glowball1 Check the full changelog as well as installation instructions at the source. Just the other day they introduced 3D Playback Support and today they come with even more improvements and some new control. This version for Linux now includes most of the Windows features and the OpsnSSL package is required as well as the Qt lib so make sure you have those. Not just another homebrew app or game.

comgenie awesome file manager 4.11

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Now that CFW 4. Itai atashi ashita aitai mp3 download.

This mod will allow you to make some changes to the XMB of your 3. PS3 developer condorstrike is back with a new update to the homebrew app known as Condor Updater. When copying the files back from external to internal, those files will be merged again.


Fast Comgenie awesome file manager 4. PS3 Dev cotojestwtf has updated Yet Another bypass bringing it to version 1. Awesome File Manager, free download.

Donate If you like my work please Using under Linux Download source code Aesome required gems with gem install rubydns rainbow [Workaround] If you are using Ruby 1. Click on the download link below.

Awesome Filemanager by Comgenie | PSX-Place

Added full support for 4. Mar 03, Download: Use an empty consoleid. Keep up the good work Corwin!! PS Seismograph version 0.

Comgenie awesome file manager download games

If you like my work, Please donate me a cookie: Some games may require the fix file. You can also utilize this on standard def monitors. The seismograph utilized all of the axis on your controller and this update has better resolution.

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Awesome Filemanager by Comgenie

Zhu faded download kbps. Yeah you read that right. This download includes the Longer names than 10 fiel are now supported – Added Confirmation Windows to prevent accidently copy and delete.


comgenie awesome file manager 4.11

PS3 File Manager for Firmware 3. Now the top bar is visible and text is always readable – Added a copying progress text which also fixed the hanging! PS3 Game List v1.

comgenie awesome file manager 4.11

This is a cool one so PS3 peeps get ready to check it out. Mosharraf karim mp3 song download. Usage Instructions as well as some additional info and warnings on using this from Drizzt can be seen below.

XX Revised script for fixare. Go to the download link 0. Naruto manga download. The most awesome filemanager is now janager for the 4.

comgenie awesome file manager 4.11

Add support for firmwares older than 3.