All typical amenities, not ultra central, but still centrally located. OTP [] , located in Otopeni , 18 km north of downtown. Cocktail bar; fine spirits, great nights. New hotel near Plata Romana, with expensive restaurants Benihana and Casino inside. Snow is also the main type of precipitation during these months of the year. For two persons who plan to use Trams and buses inside the city simply add 50 Lei when you buy the card and use it accordingly. Bucharest taxi companies worth trying include Meridian , Cristaxi and Cobalcescu

Romania Insider Free Newsletter Subscribe now. Comfortable, though admittedly not quite hassle-free, year-old three-star hotel with big rooms and enormous bathrooms, near Cercul Militar. Sofia is about 11 hours by Train. If you are traveling outside the city limits say to or from the airport prices per km and per hour are often doubled, or an extra lei is added to the fare. The city has on average 31 days of snowy weather from November to April. The driver will wait for you in the airport with your name written on an banner. The paper tickets valid for one ride on one route are not available anymore they were removed starting with May

Cosy outdoor green terrace with barbecue area. Very close to the National Stadium and easy reach of city centre. Police men are pretty friendly and most of the younger ones speak English, so you can ask directions. If you have the time, visit the interior of the building as well, as it holds a fresco that depicts scenes of the Romanian history.

Starting with July dinema, the night buses are also available.

However, unlike some European countries such as Italy, drivers are supposed to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. Once you know your way around the cohroceni, however, public surface transport can be a very good way of getting around since there is a bus, tram or trolleybus stop virtually everywhere in this city.

Has boat rental and boat-trips in summer. The basic tour includes the halls and the balcony, worthwhile is the terrace addition 10 RON for the wonderful view from the top of the building.


Some head to Greece or Turkey while others choose closer destinations like the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria or Romania. Drivers can be inconsiderate. Watch out for the shady private taxi services and avoid taking taxis near the stations as they are often rogue operators who may take advantage of less prudent tourists.


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It is very difficult for anyone to get away with violent crime because as everything is packed so closely together, any loud noise will attract attention. These days however, it is far more likely that you won’t see any dogs whatsoever on a trip to the city.

Buses, trams and trolleybuses [ edit ] A bus on line Bucharest has a very complex network of buses, trams and cinnema which is, at first glance, fairly confusing to the tourist. Following further modernisation expected to finish in the duration is expected to get to 2: The metro, which has four lines M1, M2, M3, M4 and covers the city quite extensively, is usually a cheap 5 lei for 2 trips, 20 lei for 10 trips and 70 lei for a monthly pass and easy way to get dotroceni even though there are surprisingly few stops in the city center, since the system was originally built to transport workers and commuters from outlying neighborhoods through the city to peripheral industrial areas.

Istanbul is about 12 hours by Bus. Located on the hill overlooking Piata Unirii. Be wary of taking taxis from places where a lot of tourists pass through, especially from Gara de Nord. Bucharest has 6 designated emergency hospitals and a modern ambulance service, plus a large number cotrceni additional public and private hospitals, clinics, and dental practices.

Never let the ticket to the driver. The city has several bus terminals: The store is set back the street and has a small park in front of it.

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Largest multiplex in the city 21 screens, including one IMAX lei. Your Home away from Home. Climate [ edit ] Bucharest, owing to its position in the Romanian Plain, has a humid continental climate with cold winters, hot summers and moderate rainfall milimeters on average.


Open Tue – Sun: All genuine taxis are marked in a clear way with the word “TAXI” on top in a light-bar as well as a car number. Cibema city has on average 31 days of snowy weather from November to April.

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Buzzer 38 CDistrict 3 3 stops from the centre and 6 stops cinems the railway station Gara de Nord, 10 min from Dristor metro station[56]. Erou Iancu Nicolae nr.

Lots of reasonably-priced books and a comics mostly manga section. It houses the tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as an infamous mausoleum built for the Communist nomenclature. However, in Bucharest coroceni of the buses and trolleys will have one end usually in downtown, where is no space for creating proper “end of the line” stops without any distinct stop, so you will not be aware that you have to validate again, being liable to receive a fine.

Get in Touch with Us First name. The service runs approximately once every hour between 5. Many also head to Constanta during the weekends. Clnema also has bus connections to a vast number of cities in Romania. Good WIFI, nice recreation area, garden terrace for summer.

Free coffee, tea, use of computer printer, all rooms have free wifi. More shopping malls in Bucharest and its surrounding area are being currently constructed or in the planning stages of being constructed.

Entry 6ron for adult, 3ron for student. Express bus goes from the airport to downtown Bucharest. Great place to meet people and not very expensive. Usually the worst thing that can happen is to be frowned upon or at most being made fun of, but during the day it is extremely rare. A quiet club which often hosts jazz concerts.

It also has a small concert hall, a fusball table, board games, dedicated evenings, etc. The timetables for domestic routes are available here: