Oscam is the mai one to use CCcam is available, but I found it locks up. What do you mean? I wouldn’t worry about neumo 3. Calm down and respect opinions. Can anyone help with using oscam and a softcam.

cccam 3.2.0

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cccam 3.2.0

Aan de rand van de afgrond is een stap voorwaarts niet altijd vooruitgang Please adhere to the forum rules. OPs please move if needed.

It’s available at neumoteam. Its a great box and it deserves to keep going. Without knowing how to do this I would never buy an ARM chip receiver! Posted 21 March – Iemand moet het tenslotte doen. I wouldn’t worry about neumo 3. I’m chasing some issues with time setting and EPG with the developers, and there are still a few problems with stability, but overall it is looking promising.

Daarnaast heb ik ook nog diverse andere modellen w. Tonight, June 16thour hosting provider will be performing essential maintenance. If you have this receiver or a different one with an ARM processor you will not be able to use Mgcamd yet.


This work will commence at Hi Guys, I just discovered this thread.

Cccam version ? – [EN] Enduser support – Forums

They anticipate that this work will take no more than 60 minutes to complete. Originally Posted by weirdo. I see a lot of people here that dont respect users but its fine I will reflash it again with the last 3.20 and start with that and then re-flash it again with the latest test version. Originally Posted by Strada How did you guys load your images? If I had all the knowledge I had no questions at all.

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Oscam is the main one to use CCcam is available, but I found it locks up. I also been following your thread in dentenk and that is why I decided to try neumo. Amazing work on the relook-remux driver – damn clever stuff. Rules are there to protect users and forum. Edited by djnata, 15 March – I am running CCcam 2.



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Originally Posted by raygbmw1. I do not provide support via PM! Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal. Sorry to vccam jack Maybe I should start a new thread.

Better late than never. I can’t get it working on the relooks. Can anyone help with using oscam and a softcam.

cccam 3.2.0

Where did you get yours from?