Diferenciar verbos regulares e irregulares no passado simples. Read the questions in the box and then the interview. Life before the The history of the Then next month we have Christmas, on December 25th. Souza e Tiago Jonas de Almeida. During Feralia, the Romans remembered and celebrated the spirit of the dead. Look at the following text and answer these questions.

Just before midnight, we turn on the TV and wait until the clock chimes twelve. Today, for example, we had pork curry with rice, one of my favorite dishes. Now read the statements and circle the correct alternative True or False. Now read the following text and see if you can add more information to the form in Activity 1. Read the texts again to complete this table. For each chime, we eat one grape and make a wish. The following words were taken from the text about the Q Drum. It was very nice because everybody got together.

My family is not very big. Read the following texts.


Marta played in the match against Arsenal Ladies. The collected works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. What are they talking about? Rowling, creator of the stories that have attracted millions of people to bookshops and movie theaters in recent years. However, one thing is certain: Many words in English end in -er or -or.

Yes, she has dreamed of being an author ever since she was very young. James Crawford is the author of a book about Brazilian soccer.


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The festivities last two weeks. Put the verbs in parentheses in the past tense to complete seire sentences. Identificar o tema geral de um texto. Work in groups and see how much you know about Marta Vieira da Silva, the Brazilian football player. Who, when and where?

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The Aljno drink wine and eat challah an sdrie bread as they recite a blessing called Kiddush. When we d home, my little sister e our mother a gift — it f a new watch.

Publicada em 2 de jun de Interrogative Do I you we they play soccer every day? Preparation for the writing task — part 3. Mary wrote to Pedro to introduce herself and describe her life a little.

Include images, if possible. Complete the table with the missing forms of the verbs.

Alumo writes about the following topics: Andrea Righeto, Edilene Bachega R. Look at the picture in the following text. We You They were not here yesterday. Match the questions to the answers. His iron weighed around 7.

The Biology teacher was nice, but my favorite was the Math teacher!

Why do you think this is so? Second Sunday in May. What information does this kind of text bring? I want to study English and make friends. Children love this part of the celebration! Then next month we have Christmas, on December 25th. Now answer these questions: Read the texts again and answer the questions. Some irregular verbs She is from c and that means d is her native language. Valentine d one of the most popular saints in England and France in the Middle Ages.


I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.

Study the underlined verbs and the name of the verb tenses in parentheses. It describes a tradition by telling a story. Our garden is also very nice. Circle the correct alternatives to complete the sentences. These verbs report events in the future.

How do you know? What are the characteristics of a descriptive form? Read the questions in zerie box and then the interview. At that time, Marta did not have money to buy a football, so she improvised a ball by scrunching up plastic bags or paper, for example.

Valentine was a priest who was put to death because he insisted on marrying young couples secretly.