It converts one to the other. This software helps you to connect internet into WiFi enabled devices. If you already have wifi, there is no need for this app. Your email address will not be published. Bzeek is a global WiFi network as a way for everyone to have Internet connectivity everywhere.

bzeek wifi

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Others mainly to whom you would like to share your Wi-Fi, need hotspot so that they could also use your Wi-Fi,without getting additional bzeke.

From security point of view Bzeek ensures people connecting to Bzeek cannot access or even see your computer. Next in the control panel you have different options like:. Bzwek router then sends Wi-Fi signals which is detected by other Wi-Fi enabled devices if they are in search of Wi-Fi signal.

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Transform your Windows computer into a WiFi hotspot with Bzeek

Keeps WiFi traffic separated from local computer and local network. However, you need to have the right software to do this, one bzerk works best, stands above all the others, is user-friendly, reliable and feel confident about as the app that will get the job done. How does Bzeek WiFi sharing work? Wi-Fi works with a router. You can add a new device and refresh this page to find if its added to the Hotspot or not.


Bzeek – Create WiFi HotSpot Share Internet & Make Money

My Friends — This option allows you to create a Free WiFi world by zbeek your friends and their devices to your account. Secondly, MaryFi provides access to shared files across multiple devices.

bzeek wifi

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. It converts one to the other.

Transform your Windows computer into a WiFi hotspot with Bzeek

Any Wi-Fi enabled device may become wigi part of your network. Baidu WiFi Hotspot is virtual WiFi router software that has quite a number of features which enable it to perform just like the built-in WiFi hotspot on your phone.

My Credit — The service basically works on the exchange of WiFi bandwidth, which means that the time you offer others with a free WiFi, others would also be able to offer you the same. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is almost impossible to go about our normal day to day business without it. Your email address will not be published.

If you already have wifi, there is no need for this app. You can do this process on your desktop computer too. You can read more about me at my About Page. Bzeek has a control panel that you can use to manage devices and connections. With a hotspot app, you can easily make your computer a hotspot. Turn your android mobile phone into a wireless webcam via DroidCam Webcam. It’s not available to others till you don’t allow your Wi-Fi wifl to be used for others.


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Technically, Bzeek upgrades your laptop to be a software access point for free. Sayyour laptop and your Ipad wiht one id.

I use it on campsites. Set your password so as to protect your Free WiFi Hotspot. Once you install and run the application, the software will redirect to a page on the website asking wiri to login to Access Bzeek Control Panel, which means bxeek the user has to register himself in order to get access.

bzeek wifi

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