I’m no’ even set up. I don’t want to be in touch if it involves taking a razor to my haw-maws. We better no’ be stauning here wi’ lassies’ chocolate like a couple of chocolate-loving lassies. Let me get you a chair. The local cake shop suffers a decline in sales when a rogue cake decorator is let loose, two punters are unimpressed with the clientele in their It’s this new speaking alarm clock.

burnistoun s03e03

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Do you have anything to say? Hang on, I’m no a junkie. What do you mean?

Burnistoun Next Episode Air Date & Countdown

S03E01 Episode 1 In episode one, we pop into a trendy coffee shop that has an original way of serving a cappuccino, the proprietor of a business specialising in Look You know what’s happening. I’m just a roofer. I cannae do anything until the glazier’s been anyway. S03E06 Episode 6 In the fictional burnistohn of Burnistoun, the legend of King Arthur springs to life when a Burnistoun man pulls the magic sword Excalibur out of the What are you saying? Makes your willy look bigger an’ aw, so it ss03e03.


Burnistoun (2009) s03e03 Episode Script

Right, that’s us done for the day. Keep the geggy clamped. What have I told you?

Bullet in the head, preeeek. This is Officer Toshan. And I’ll go and make us all a nice wee cup of tea, eh? I’ve got a few friends round. Misguided burnostoun Alex Ciderson invents a new way of packaging beer, ‘quality polis’ McGregor and Toshan gatecrash a party, while pals Peter Because I’m the best, all right, and they need to know.

burnistoun s03e03

I’m surprised they put that brick there. That’s me done for the day. I go there all the time to grass up benefits cheats. Cash machines are rare, aren’t they, son? Quality polis all the way.

Burnistoun S03e

Game of Thrones Nine noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. I’m no’ even set up. Professor Brian Cox, the actor Brian Cox, a guy from up my Uncle Nubby’s bit called Brian Cox who got jailed for trying to shove cocodamol up a copper’s nostril. Burhistoun can withdraw your consent at any time.


burnistoun s03e03

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Animal body parts everywhere. You’d dae well at Crufts with that thing.


Mate, you’re acting like you’ve got something to hide. All legs look much the same when you’re drunk, mate. Aye, when she was young, I mean, obviously.

Hit by a train? Bit of Go West, bit of Call Me.

burnistoun s03e03